Hat trick for Lambert today His third of the season. Yet another peno for Southampton!

At least Chelsea won 3-0 and Exeter lost 2-0.

McCormack hit the angle of post and bar, and then it bounced down on the line!

I'm glad I'm not betting cash every weekend as that kind of stuff drives you a little bit mental!

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Another scoreless night for McCormack and another goal for Lambert unfortunately puts him 5 ahead. Looks like a miracle is needed unfortunately


Yes it's true. 5 goals in three games has put Lambert too far ahead. In fairness he has been class this season. He's now 6 goals ahead with about 10 games to go.

I'm throwing in the towel!

Had a good run for my money and most importantly haven't been putting money on silly markets at the weekend to keep me entertained.

Maynard, Long, McCormack.

Not sure when I'll be back again.

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