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Got a HTC salsa which is the worst phone I have ever owned. Anyway I keep getting the following error "installation failed insufficient storage". I have a 2gb SD card in the phone and 1.5gb of that is free. I only have about 12mb internal storage left, but many apps I cannot move to the SD card to make room.
What is the point having all that SD storage and being limited to 150mb internal memory.

Am I missing something simple here? Thanks.

Keano Moderator

You'll have to partition the SD card in order to move your apps to it.

Quick Google should give you plenty of vids/links

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apps can also cache data which might be using up your internal memory, you can clears an app's cached data individually in settings

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I did this and its all on the SD card, I downloaded new ones and they are on the SD card. My internal memory is still shocking. 15mb or something.

I dont know what app data is safe to delete as I did this and viber and heytell etc had to start from scratch.

Smart phones are really stressful.

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