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Dory that idea sounds great, haven't heard of that kindof book club before. I like reading non fiction books like about peoples travels, lives and that sort of thing & it mightn't be a book anyone else would be interested in, so something like that sounds good!

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dory said:
When I lived in Kosovo there was a great book club that you could read any book for, and then in the meetings we all got together and did a little book review. It was a great way to find out about books that you may not have heard about. All too often the ones book clubs pick are a sort of keep everyone happy kind of thing. And also, with the other method you're hearing about a book from someone who has a copy and has finished reading it! .

If anyone would be interested in this kinna thing, maybe we could try it out? I'm not much of a fiction reader so wouldn't be going to a regular book club.

Hi, I would be really interested in this idea as oppose to a book club (may not like the book chosen and may not have it finished in time for the meeting etc)
Have you had any takers for it?

mimihops Registered User

Count me in if this goes ahead!

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There was a short story today by Kevin Barry called ' The Girls and the Dogs ' in the Irish times . Cork readers might be interested with mentions o Barack Street and Togher in the story .

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Im looking to join. What's the score do i just turn up? thanks

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No meeting date is booked at present - but I'll be posting in due course - Watch this space . . .

sporina Registered User

would really be interested in this.. lets set a date..

mimihops Registered User

Mondays & Wednesdays are good for me anyway... Is there a few interested in getting this going?

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Hi, is this still going?
I'd be interested if people are looking at getting it going.

sporina Registered User

come on… lets set a date.. i would love this…


I would love to join !

1brokegirl Registered User

is this still active- tried looking for the facebook page and can't find it??

Lehrer Registered User

Hi, just wondering as well if this is still active, would be great to join if it is?


It's not exactly high literature, but is anybody reading "A Song of Ice and Fire"? I'm obsessed.

I do miss the classics; I'm used to moving seamlessly from Tolstoy to Dostoevsky to Kafka and the like. However, if a lack of beauty in his writing style needs compensating for, the point-of-view characterisation of the plot and the absolutely riveting storyline more than make up for it.

I'll really badly need somewhere to go from here, though. Can anybody recommend me something gripping, something engrossing?

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