lulou said:
Hi Whoopsadaisydoodles,

Do you know what the aftercare package is at Blackrock? I've had a look on their website but can't seem to find anything.
Do you know if they offer a guarantee like other clinics, i.e a free top up if your prescription regresses within x amount of years.


Sorry Lulou, I didn't see this before.

I'm not sure to be honest, I think there is one years aftercare included but beyond that I don't know. They have a really good enquiry line. I'll get you the number.

edit: here it is 1800 60 10 60

gilman9955 Registered User

If anyone needs voucher's for optical express please pm me. I have 5 left and would be only happy to help

padair Registered User

gilman9955 said:
If anyone needs voucher's for optical express please pm me. I have 5 left and would be only happy to help

what are the vouchers for..?

ilovedexter Registered User

Go to Mater Private, Professor O'Keefe couldn't be praised enough.

jackdock88 Banned

gilman9955 said:
Hi lulou I went for a Consulation on Wednesday 21/09/2011 at 3pm to Optical Express in the White Water shopping center Newbridge Co Kildare. Consulation took approx 1 hour after which I was told that I was a suitable candidate. I was quoted €1,430 euro for lasik with intralase and wavefront. My right eye was -1.25 which cost €595 and my left eye -1.50 and cost €835 and after Hibernian Insurance -22.5% €321.75 it came in at €1,108.25. After deciding to go with that price I looked for the earliest appointment which turned out to be the following Mon 26/09/2011 at 10am. I arrived on Mon and got my eyes retested and at 12.30 had my operation by a Mr Dimitris Kazakos. Operation lasted 25 min's and rested for about 20 mins after that. Staff were very friendly and made me feel comfortable at all times. I went home and rested for the night and went for checkup the next day by which time my eyes felt comfortable and I could see perfect. Doctor told me I had better then 20/20 Vision and that I could read every line on the chart no problem overall I had a great experience with Optical Express and would Highly Recommend them to anyone. Only sorry that I left it so long to get them done but still delighted that things went so well. I hope this helps u and if i can answer any more questions or be of any help just shout. Kindest Regards Jimmy.

Gilman9955, do you work for optical express? It looks like it from your profile.

Joe 1983 Registered User

Hi I am looking for voucher for laser eye surgery with optical express would be willing pay part of voucher thanks for looking

Archduke Ferdinand III Registered User

Try William Power in Blackrock


audreyp Registered User

Second for William Power in Blackrock. Went with him last February (2013) was thrilled with it. Definitely worth the extra money to go to Blackrock. Laser Eye Surgery is not the time to go bargain hunting.

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