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I have already posted this here so apologies for the double post but I would like to know what is going on and I am unsure if it's an admin issue or something that should be posted here.

As you can see from this screenshot, there is now s a link to itself and then a link to the Music Instruments & Equipment category on the site.


Don't know, I'd ask an admin/Dav; not a "bug" though.

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Thanks Ross, I just wanted to check if it was something that was added by the dev team. I will await a response on the Admin Drop Box thread.


No problemo, first I've heard of it

I'd imagine it's a way to link and back together a bit more, which makes sense.

Having it as a "sub forum" does seem a bit conceptually inconsistent though, and it's probably broken all sorts of stuff. So I guess it will be a bug after all!

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