giles lynchwood Registered User

Longhaired lover from Liverpool.
Little Jimmy Osmond.

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J. Marston Registered User

I heard it in a mash-up with a Bloc Party song (Uniform) and then I found the original on Youtube. I think it's class.

looky loo Registered User

'In the air tonight' - Genesis.
'Bittersweet Symphony' - The Verve.
'Wonderwall' - Oasis.
'The Gambler' - Kenny Rogers...real guilty pleasure.
'The River' Bruce Springsteen.
'Everything is broken' - Bob Dylan
'Smells like teen spirit' - Nirvana

uch Registered User

That good old Brendan Grace Classic that was on all our lips and minds in the 70's

"Mary hold the candle steady while i shave the Chicken's Neck"

mfdc Registered User

The one and only!

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aisog Registered User

Woodcarver by Sandy Kelly and Johnny Cash!

jdooley28 Registered User

Joan Baez - the night they drove old dixie down


moomooman said:

Bloody hell, I did a dance to that when I was in primary school... I can actually remember some of the steps. And that was in the 80s

Going off to practise it now....

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Underground Registered User

I'm always delighted when I get Rick Rolled.
(Invalid youtube)

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Karona Registered User

(Invalid youtube)

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dandelionmind Registered User

I don't care what anybody says, this song is a tune and a half.

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parrai Registered User

super_furry said:
parrai said:
Not embarrassed to admit to it, it's just OLD!!

On Fallout 3 there is a tune by the Inkspots called I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire, think it's from the 1920s, took about 6 months to finish it and that tune was stuck in my head...

In a similar manner, I had this one stuck in my head four about two months.

Love it, all the tunes on that game were deadly

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sheesh Registered User

oh the shame!

gargleblaster Registered User

There aren't enough properly embarrassing songs in this thread. It's like the threads about strange crushes where people name hot celebrities.

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Standard Toaster Registered User

Fond of this for other reasons >_>

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