AGC said:
Crokes want fans seperated. If this was forced to happen it would be a disaster but if certain scences continue they need to do something. More stewards, Garda etc..

A ridiculous statement. Do Crokes want to go down the road of segregation in GAA matches like British soccer games? A sad day for the GAA if this is allowed to happen.

red_doran Registered User

I was disgusted myself when i seen Dr Crokes wanted segregation...the ability to mix with other fans and to have a bit of harmless craic is central to the gaa and its ethos...however i believe that the media pounced upon the first statement made by Dr Crokes...Apparently they only wanted to block buy tickets so that younger fans and families wouldnt be seperated..
Seen this article on joe.ie Note the edit at the bottom

It won't matter anyway because Cross will beat them anyway..

thewildcat Registered User

i wouldn't put the house on that the Crokes luck good this year
plus the colm cooper is in form

BiffoGooner Registered User

Offaly champions Coolderry and Antrim champs Loughgiel Shamrocks into the All-Ireland hurling final on Paddy's day. What do ye reckon lads?

mickmcl09 Registered User

It would be a brave punter that would put money on this one.
Coolderry put up a very impressive score against Gort and probably have more players with better hurling brains for want of a better word. I was equally impressed with Loughgiel, don't have as much hurling as Coolderry and a little nieve at times - pulling on balls at the back when rising and driving would be a better option, they gave away a high proportion of easy scores.
Loughgiel are very fit and very well schooled otherwise.
The Antrim teams are noted for their toughness and this team is no different except they are much better in possession once they're past the midfield area.

Alot will hinge on Liam Watson, what a player, easily good enough for any intercounty team. Will be interesting to see if Coolderry change tactics to combat Watson or continue to do their own thing.

I'd expect Coolderry to persevere with a 3 man midfield area for much of the game and pick up as much stray ball as possible coming out of LGs full back line. LG will play a straight 15.

LG to win if they sort out this flaw at the back, I think that's more important than the performance of Watson. He'll look after himself and if Coolderry double up on him, someone else is likely to do the damage - forwards are very direct.
A Coolderry win is more likely I think, but they won't get it easy. Overall, they have more scoring players with all other things being even.

thewildcat Registered User

i have seen Coolderry in the leinster final in kilkenny and watch them saturday
croke park will suite there forward line they have a lethal forward line
plus their backs are tight and well able to catch hight ball.

ken hogan has them hurling a tipp brand of hurling wide open spaces didn't see much of shamrocks i think Coolderry the offalymen by 6 points

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