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Had my car set on fire yesterday morning. I'm hoping someone from the fire brigade might be able to help me out with some information. The fire brigade were gone by the time I'd found out what had happened. The fire brigade had smashed the windows to fill the car with water/foam. They had set fire to the petrol tank to start it. Anyway, you can see the damage in the picture but I had some rolls of films on the left hand side of the boot at the top, just below the parcel tray. They just stink of smoke but don't seem too badly damaged otherwise. I'm wondering what kind of temperature it would have reached in that area of the boot before I process the films in case I need to adjust the process. Thanks for any help I can get on this.

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I imagine it was in the 700-1000C mark.However, I suspect temperature is moot, its how much heat was transferred to the film is what is relevant. It is possible that the base of the boot and the parcel shelf shielded them from the worst effects.

What was the film in? If in the usual plastic containers and their is no damage to the containers, they might be OK, but try one roll first

Not sure if what would happen if it was infrared film.

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Thanks, for the reply. I had one roll of 35mm in a plastic container and it just had soot marks on it. No sign of melting or warping. The rest were medium format film with no cases. They all stink but apart from that seem fine. I'll post in the photo forum and see what they say too.

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