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Heyy, im looking to buy a netbook for college and not really sure what's good and what's bad. Basically i just want to be able to write documents and surf the web with wifi, basic stuff really. Portability is key as is battery life. All that ive seen come with windows 7 starter which im told is crap, so ill probably be going down the route of linux. If anyone could suggest a couple of good ones or even a small, cheap laptop that'd be great. My budget is 250-280. Any advice would be really helpful.

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I have an Acer One D255 which i got from argos and its great.

Argos link

Mine is pretty much the 4 hour one but they have bigger HDD's now

Windows 7 pro was available from my college (UCD but you need to be taking a comp science module) for free so you might be able to get a copy too

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Some Acer netbooks seem to have screen issues, like posted here. I wouldn't ever advise Acer, as imo the build quality and relyability are questionable. Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, toshiba are ones worth looking at, Asus option, Toshiba Option.
I don't have expierience with either of these machines, except they come from a decent manufacturer and fit your budget, both say battery of around ~4 hours


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This. There is a white version that would be around the high end of your budget. I have the N210 since it was launched a couple of years back and has never given me a problem. The battery is excellent.

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Trevor451 said:
You do realize that the majority of net-books/laptops are made in the same factory right? Acer along with samsung and the rest are just brand names.

From expierience I've seen people have problems with Acer quite a bit, and if there is a fault with the Aspire Ones whereby the screen cracks easily due to build quality issues I think its worth pointing out to people looking to purchase one, Like I linked too.
I didn't know Samsungs were made in the same factory as Acers, although I know Acer also are involved in making Packard Bell machines which are also quite poor.


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