kaff Registered User

I am going to a wedding in two weeks time and am wearing an army color green dress -its fab if I may say so myself
BUT what color shoes, bag etc should i wear with it - I know the color shoes dont have to match - any suggestions anynone. Dont want to wear black, silver, gold - too dull

lainey316 Registered User

Tan or nude would work well I think, especially if the weather is still sunny. What kind of style is the dress?

First thought was these... surely there's a knock-off high street version by now

Valentina Registered User

Nude/Dark brown/Gold would be my choice I think.

Depending on the dress and how daring you're feeling something like a floral pattern shoe or shocking pink could work.

OldGoat Registered User

Black. Patent leather black. Crisp, clean, shiny, classic.

kaff Registered User

wow - they are amazing and would look fab with the dress - even the style. Hard to describe dress - sleevless to the knee - its in layers but very fitted and round neck- got it in TX Maxx last year and never wore it so its gonna bloody do - wud you get the same color bag then? I'm usually good at these things but came blank on this one....

kaff Registered User

Think its gonna be nude then - wud give the dress a bit of a lift!!! Black or silver or gold wudnt give it any lift but thanks for suggestions

Twee. Moderator

A subtle dark orange is also nice with army green.

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