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the dunne said:
game you send me an invite? Just got the game yesterday. Gamertag: The dunne

Searched that name on Rockstar site but had no results. You can go to the link below and request an invite from there.

JohnMarston Registered User

Playing Old School difficulty now.

No dicking around on this mode. You gotta be fast and precise. And there is no last stand. You could have any amount of painkillers but you'll die if you dont take them manually

Blazer Registered User

got it and really enjoying but my god...the xbox controller sucks balls compared to the kb+mouse.
I couldn't wait a week more to buy it for pc but I'm already regretting it..will prob pick it up anyway..
also just noticed that the original max payne was released a few weeks ago for the ipad....awesome
The original was a classic...on PC of course

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TheTacticsGuy Registered User

sheehy83 said:
Il be on around 11. Would b good to get a few boards crew on the same team

gt is Cremkie

Couldn't find an mp game yesterday afternoon and want to play with a few guys that I can get to know

Zero-Cool Wanted Level

TheTacticsGuy said:
gt is Cremkie

Couldn't find an mp game yesterday afternoon and want to play with a few guys that I can get to know

Sent you a crew invite there. We have a good few active players on both ps3 and xbox.

TheTacticsGuy Registered User

sheehy83 said:
Sent you a crew invite there. We have a good few active players on both ps3 and xbox.

Cheers...will join later this evening.

calex71 Closed Account

Ha did anyone find the piano on chapter 12

Spoiler (Show)

Plenty of videos on youtube I'd say

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I love the way when you go up to a door, Max sort of slams his shoulder into it and tries to open it its a tiny thing I know, but its so cool.

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Zero-Cool Wanted Level

Ya, came across 2 piano's, the 1st sounds sh*t but he gets the hang of it 2nd time round, was class.

Just rage quitted off multiplayer. About 5 games in a row where the other team were over level 30 and my team under level 10. I used 3 different classes, mini 30, ak and uzi and with all 3 I just kept getting killed and could barely kill anyone. Just couldn't understand it and no way is that I might be crap

Put on Arkhamm City to get ready for the new DLC tomorrow, forgot how good a game it was but i'll be back Max!


Got it today and I'm up to chapter 3 now. Excellent stuff so far, loving the story to it but didn't expect any less from Rockstar.

I think the "final kill cam" should be standard in every game from now on. So satisying to watch a guy getting turned in to a bullet warmer slow mo, even it means cursing the waste of ammo around the next corner nice to play a game again that doesn't think hiding behind boxes can heal bullet wounds, feels very "adult" so far.

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Soby Registered User

Finished it today. Loved it .cracking game over all..Multiplayer aint anything special but its very solid and fun. Is there a way of seeing what crew members are online and play with them without being psn friends ?

Zero-Cool Wanted Level

Ya soby, at the main mulyiplayer screen where you can change loadout, avatar, playlist, etc. press L1 to see crew members online and invite them to tour party.

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Finished it there. Goin through the bowels of the football stadium and the favelas was very fùcking enjoyable, and it's certainly the same old max at it's core but this engine is creaking and some luster doesn't cover it up. Game could be from 2011 but you gotta love max payne even if it did feel he was dragging it out a bit, his constant self-analysis equally becoming tongue in cheek self indulgence a good 7.5 to 8 from ten because of some refreshing Rockstar authenticity.

or Moviestar, they should reconsider maybe because they know how to instill character into a dodgy build


Definitely enjoyed this game, an equal to the older ones at least in my opinion.

biggebruv Registered User

this should be abit cheaper now shouldt it anyone know if theres a shop thats got it for cheapest in town might head in later to get it

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