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I want to know good guitar songs to play at parties.

Whenever I go to a party and there's an acoustic guitar sitting there, and party goers say, who can play the guitar? or Hey, you play the guitar right, give us a song?

The problem is, I play songs that are not well know. I want to know songs people can sing to, songs that everyone knows. Songs like Wonderwall or Wild-Thing.

Anyone any more suggestions? I'm looking for songs that are up beat and everyone knows.

Thanks ,


geetar Registered User

i say play what you want, if they dont like, make sure they like it when your done.

also, anything bob marley would go down well and its simple enough.

avoid the clichés like wonderwall, way overdone, and its an awful song anyway.

Pappa Dolla Moderator

American Pie
Ol 55 (You'd be surprised how many people know Tom Waits)

But I generally hate people playing guitar at parties...

pauliewallie Registered User

a few suggestions, which are fairly handy to play, and (most) people would generally know the words; or at least the melody to :

Fishermans Blues
Falsom Prison Blues (or walk the line or ring of fire or jackson)
Friday I'm in Love
Ride on
sweet caroline
harvest moon
heart of gold
wish you were here
brown eyed girl
dirty old town
time of your life
a pair of brown eyes
spancill hill
love will tear us apart
ready for the floor
take a walk on the wild side

a good site for chords and lyrics is

good luck with it

Sidney77 Registered User

500 miles, upbeat, good one for parties and its only E,A, and B
Tribute by Tenacious D always a good one
Whiskey in the jar

Ellian Registered User

Rocky Raccoon is generally well received with my friends

Malice Registered User

There are a bunch of threads on this topic dotted around. Try this or this. I wholeheartedly agree with Pappa Dolla. People playing guitar at parties generally annoy the hell out of me too.

tricky D NSAbot: Second Variety

You could check out some Jonanthan Richman and the Modern Lovers songs - especially the Modern Lovers album. They've got a bit of humour, entertainment and no arty farty crap.

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