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I've a boxer and his first year was an ongoing saga of naughtiness, highlights of which included about 3 or 4 shredded duvets, a chewed up bluetooth headset, the demise of numerous pairs of slippers etc.

But by far the worst thing he did was turn on the tap in the kitchen one day when I was out, flooding the kitchen. I came back to about 3 inches of water on the floor, only for the fact that there is a slope on our kitchen floor, the whole house would have been drowned.

That was the day I ordered the crate!

Happily now, two years later, he is a reformed character and can be left to his own devices when I am out.

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engrish? Registered User

There has been a lot. The worst of it all was when one of them took a **** in the dishwasher. I had the door down and she obviously did it on the door, I didnt notice so i just flicked up the door before going to bed. I didnt discover it until two days later.

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rorrissey Registered User

Went out for the night leaving Gussie in the care of my parents. When they weren't looking he snuck into the kitchen and tried to devour half a dozen eggs, he only managed to eat 2 luckily!

lolo62 Registered User

my cat stayed in one day when i went out and i stupidly forgot to leave the door to where the litter was open

came home and noticed as i walked by the bathroom there was a definitely non-human poo smell wafting out

went in and found a poo perfectly placed in the plughole of the looked like a brown 99!

i think poor puss thought it would go least he was trying to be discreet

i guess not really naughty but definitely funny!

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jjjade Registered User

my mam has a scottie, and she eats everything. she is black and her teeth are snow white (have to say this for story purpose), so one day her teeth were orange and mam and dad thaught she was sick or somethin, until my sister screams and runs down the stairs with what is left of a bottle of tan that was attacked

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Kassilights Registered User

When I was a kid we had two dogs and one of them Sandy was a bit of a piggy, also overweight!!
My mum left a leg of lamb defrosting in the sink and while she left the kitchen Sandy crept in.
As mum walked back in she saw Sandy with the leg of lamb in her mouth and shouted.
Sandy legged it out of the back door..with the leg of lamb in her mouth but there was a high square four legged stool in her way. Well Sandy ran through the stool but because she was overweight it got stuck to her but she continued to run up the garden with the lamb in her mouth and the stool stuck to her!! Was so funny
Mum retrieved the lamb washed it, cooked it and gave it to us for our dinner, couldn't afford to waste it!!!

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JustAThought Registered User

My skanker was nose down in the bush beside the bin in the park the other day. She kept sniffing frantically & the throwing a quick look over at me so I KNEW zhe was up to something. Called her & she didnt come so i leggid it iver ... The little rip yanked at something when she heard me running & sped off .. With a vile bag of nappies
She did her trick of tossing it in the air while eating it on the run & then slunk back wagging her tail. There was a FILTHY smell off her & I wouldn't let her near me all day.
Was v surprised to see it " reappear" out the other end the next day... Was warming up for a vets visit.I spend hours bleaching the skank off my hands and arms :0
Dirty people.
Dirty dog :€

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Just got distracted for a second and the dog has licked the top off my dinner. Sad thing is I'm going to eat it anyway

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hattoncracker Registered User

Lpfsox said:
When we first got Rodney he chewed a hole in the kitchen wall (yes, the wall - through the plaster and down into the brick), stolen socks, eaten speaker wire which I'd run under floorboards - he helpfully chewed and ate the only piece visible so the whole lot had to be redone, was a master counter-surfer and managed to snaffle the whole Christmas ham AND a whole turkey crown, including tin-foil which were left to rest before carving and has ruined countless remote controls by peeing on them.

Thankfully after training the worst he gets up to these days is opening the doors, climbing up on the windowledge and sitting in the window like a huge cat waving at passers by. He's a 22kg border collie and leaves snot marks all over the glass...

I love this thread! What did you do for xmas dinner?

yellowcrayon Registered User

My German Shepherd has managed to eat the whole way through the wall in the kitchen and has actually reached concrete .. in a rented house
He devour toys we buy him; doesnt play with them, just destructs them.
When he was a puppy he went thru a terrible stage of poopin under the kitchen table.. we'd only discover when we were half way thru our breakfast and would stretch our legs and have ourselves covered in sh1t.
He also loves stealin any bit of food around, whether its in our hands/mouth or on the plate.
My bunnies Lola and Buddy have eaten countless phone and laptop charger, some pretty expensive clothes. They nip at toilet tissue rolls and destroy the bathroom completely.Buddy likes to pee on blankets,just jumps on the couch ,pees on all the blankets, n down he gets again.

To Alcohol Registered User

My 3 legged cat killed my neighbours canary. Neighbour came over fffin and blinding about it. I was in the process of laughing it of whilst trying to explain the cat couldn't have done it as it's only 3 legs when the cat walked around the corner with canary feathers hanging from her mouth!

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hattoncracker Registered User

My sisters dog always sleeps beside me when I visit the family home. Due to an illness, I was around a lot when she was younger and everytime I'm home she follows me everywhere and won't leave my side.

But she has an awful thing with bras. The past three times I've been home she's chewed them. I've had to sneak into Dunnes in a baggy jumper at 9 o'clock in the morning with my arms folded to buy an emergency one! If she chewed the strap I could sew it but she goes for the part in the middle in between the two cups and literally chews it in half!

I'm learning my lesson, but it's hard to remember when you're sleepy!

She's also ate my iPhone, taken socks and shoes off my feet, and loves to rob my mams tights off the radiator!

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hattoncracker Registered User

butter seriously wouldn't melt!

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callmekenneth Registered User

wow what a load of terrorists, worst my fella has done is eaten a sliced pan i'd left out. in 2+ years of having him he's hasnt so much as peed inside

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SingItOut Registered User

Last night I went down to my parents room to get the wash basket, my jack russell Moone followed me down, she follows me everywhere so that's nothing new. She jumped on their bed & lay down flat while wagging her tail like crazy, That's how we know she's in crazy psycho playful mode
So I said Boo! to her, she jumped up, barked, ran around the bed in a circle, tried to smack me with her paws then jumped off and ran as fast as she could to the kitchen. That's when I noticed the huge puddle of pee she had left on their duvet shes never done that before! I was kinda laughing at her crazyness so i ran to to get some toilet roll to try wipe it off before it sank it, Moone of course then re-appeared, grabbed the toilet roll and ran! We would have gotten away with it only she decided she was going to "kill" the toilet roll in the hallway and the parents caught us out. I now owe them €30 for dry cleaning XD

"Me? I would never do such a thing"

moone (3).jpg
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