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We are an experienced Rescue Circle based in South Down and looking for new members.
Rescue work entails elevating desecrated souls from the "lower realms" into the "upper realms" or Spheres of Light. It is demanding work requiring determination and dedication and is the highest form of spiritual healing.
This type of spiritual activity gives very deep satisfaction and facilitates powerful spiritual development.
You don't need experience as full training is given. However, as Rescue Work is based on love and kind thoughts, the capacity for compassion, sympathy and understanding towards desecrated souls is absolutely necessary.
Just remember: "There, but for the grace of God, go I."

Anyone interested?

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Who is running this, and where did they train or learn this skill.

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Hi Oryx

Thank you for your interest in the Galilee Group.

I'm running this course (it's free) and have 30 yrs experience in rescue work. I first activated in rescue in London in 1980 and have been working in the same group ever since. We have a small international group with members in several different countries but my focus is in the Irish circle. I returned to Ireland in 1993 and since 1996 we have had a small rescue circle functioning here.

The London Circle was started in 1955 and became a centre of advanced spiritual knowledge. It was often the subject of writings by Barbanelle (then Psychic News Editor) who on several occasions visited the Circle and wrote subsequently about how rescue work was conducted and the activities of our Circle. I was priviledged to have been trained in both rescue and mediumship by the original founders and consider this my life's work.

We are under the direction of High Guides who help direct the activity. They give us a very powerful spiritual protection and examine us at the beginning and end of every sitting to ensure we don't become contaminated. So we are disciplined and well directed.

Our international group has recently finished work which has taken some years to complete and we are now looking for new members for the Irish Circle. We will run a training course which lasts about 8 weeks (normally about 2 hours once a week) and during that time the candidate gets the opportunity to see if the work suits them and we get the chance to see if the candidate is suitable for the work. We don't accept everybody. Frankly we are very concerned to only accept those who would enjoy rescue work and want to make a difference in the world. Our Work is not frivolous and because of the potential dangers we are extremely careful about new candidates. When you are working with low souls it's important to be able to rely on your fellow members.

I hope that satisfies you to some extent as to my credentials but if you would like more information please contact me at our email address and I will send you some further documentation, on both the Circle itself, how rescue work is conducted and what we are looking for in a potential candidate.

Let me just finally say this: all human beings are affected in their everyday life by both upper and lower souls. Upper souls help a person's progress and spiritual evolution. Contamination by lower souls can lead to great unhappiness and despair on a personal level. Can you imagine what this means on a world level? Rescue work aims at elevating these souls and giving us a brighter future.

I hope this helps

love and kind thoughts

The Medium, the Galilee Group.
Email: <snip>

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I like what you do. I'm currently reading Gone West, by JSM Ward. I have no doubt that I may be joining you directly or indirectly in that line of work. I already use some techniques by William Bloom and also by Raymon Grace. I use them carefully and am skilled in psychic protection.

A blessing on your work.

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What do you mean by 'rescue'?

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I have a different experience of spirituality to yours and have always felt that those in spirit are helped and guided by those on that side, while our path is to understand ourselves through the human condition. I have never felt damaged by a soul, only by my own perceptions. So I too am confused by the concept of spirit rescue and hope you could elaborate.

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Oryx, in some ways you are correct when you say that those on the other side are helped by other souls.

However, if a soul is very desecrated they cannot be helped by souls from the upper realms. As human beings alive in this world, we are spirits in a material body, a protective suitcase, which acts to protect the spirit to a certain extent from damage. If we become contaminated by lower vibrations our suitcase, our body, gives us the time to push off the contamination, the spiritual excreta, if you like. If an upper soul tried to help a desecrated soul there is a good chance the upper soul would absorb the contamination to such an extent that instead of raising the lower soul, he would "fall" to the level of the lower soul. This is why rescue work is so necessary . We, with our protective suitcase can do work upper souls cannot do.

However to do such work we need to learn gradually to accustom ourselves to lower vibrations, otherwise we too would become contaminated.

Perhaps I need to go further back and look at the basics, first of all.
Have you ever gone into a house that feels dark and heavy or been with a person who seems to suck the life out of you. If you have, you are sensitive and mediumistic and also experiencing the effects of a "lower" soul who is inhabiting the place or attached himself to the person. If you haven't you probably have very little mediumistic ability.

That soul is in what we call the "lower" realms, or in Christianity, "purgatory" or "hell". It is possible to take these souls and be using concentrated "kind thoughts", gradually raise them from their present condition into what we call the upper realms, the realms of goodness.

Now, you might find this crazy but it's work I have done for over 30 years. It is particularly satisfying for people like myself who can "feel" souls. We can feel what the soul is like at the beginning, the dark heaviness around the shoulders, and then we feel that heaviness gradually lift as the soul elevates, until when it enters the upper realms we feel tingles all over. It's an amazing experience. Gives great satisfaction. You really know you've done something worthwhile and you really get a "buzz" from it.

If anyone wants more details, contact me on

By the way we don't chase people. It's very much freedom of choice. You need to want to do this. It doesn't work any other way.

Hope that helps.

The Medium
The Galilee Group

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Here is a description of Rescue Work in more detail!

Rescue Work

Communication between man and the spirits of those who have passed over, is a natural phenomenon which has always existed. The physical body is the temporary housing for the spirit during its brief span on earth. After shedding the body, the spirit returns to the spiritual realms, taking with it the characteristics acquired in this world.

The spirits of those who have led good lives will congregate and continue to live in harmony and service. Equally, those who have failed to listen to the dictates of their conscience, an infallible guide to right and wrong action, will find themselves in a spiritual realm inhabited by those of a similar calibre. In every case, the choice of realm is determined by the type of life lived in the physical body.

For ease of reference, the harmonious spiritual realms are called the “upper realms” and those inhabited by unevolved, unhappy souls, the “lower realms”.

Thus unlike the world in which we live, good and evil are segregated, with the exception of the middle astral plane entered when the soul passes over, a “half-way house” common to both the upper and lower realms. Here a soul will stay for a period during which he will gradually feel the pull of the realm for which he has already prepared himself and to which he will ultimately gravitate. The middle astral also shelters souls who do not realise that they have passed over, imagining themselves still to be in the circumstances of their earthly confines.

Spiritual work offers many avenues to those who desire to serve and to gain and spread knowledge. One such avenue is spiritual rescue work. This service is comparable to the physical rescue work done by worldwide organisations whose trained members bring help to victims of disasters such as earthquakes, floods, famines and the aftermath of war.

To speak of “spiritual disaster” may tax the credulity of those who are new to the subject, yet it is applicable to the vast numbers of souls who pass over in a spiritually diseased condition and enter realms where degradation and despair are prevalent.

The work of a rescue circle is concerned with the elevation of such souls to the realms of love and harmony by showing them the way to overcome the dis-ease of the spirit. This is achieved by the force of kind thoughts flowing from the sitters and expressed in words of understanding for the souls dilemma. He is led gently to the stage where he will realise that despite his misdeeds, his spiritual future is bright provided he is truly repentant and will forgive himself for the mistakes he made in his earthly life. At this point he is enabled to go forward to the upper astral realm where willing helpers will ensure his full recovery.

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