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Hi there

A few years ago I watched a very good documentary on TV about 9/11.

What they did was took footage from peoples video cameras and mobile phones then stitched it all together into chronological order.

There was no narration or voiceover, just the sounds that could be heard when the footage was being shot.

I've spent the last hour looking online for this, but I have no idea of the name or anything, so i'm coming up with nothing.

Most of what i'm finding is documentaries about all the conspiracy theories

This one made no mention of any theories or anything like that - it was just raw footage and as i recall, quite powerful.

I would love to watch this again, if any one knows the name of it I would me most appreciative.


leposean Registered User

102 minutes that changed america. Its a history channel documentary. Was on there on sunday

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Nedermeyer Registered User

Good man - that's the one !


Digitaljunkie Registered User

Better late than documentary films

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