The power you waste is proportional to the power you possess

bellylint Registered User

unplug everything at night

EoghanConway Registered User

A good deed will make you feel warm inside

grimm2005 Registered User

competition entry!

jim_bob Registered User

some really bright ideas here

NDWC Registered User

Don't leave TVs etc on standby.

Amalgam Registered User

Be thrifty! Do two things at once, ask your Vietnamese neighbours can you sunbathe under their grow lamps.. Think bright, think light!

bazza1 Registered User

Harness the hot air from the Dail to run turbines!
Harvest the wind power from kebabs at the weekend after the pub!
Use the tidal power from the urinals after late bars!

SupaDupaFly Registered User

Don't leave anything on standby mode, switch everything off at the wall.

Lone Stone Registered User

Install a master switch for every socket in the house that turns off everything at once whoooooopahhh

Buck Registered User

Do your washing at a lower temperature to save energy.


Shower in cold water

colonel-yum-yum Registered User

I use remote control plug adapters that allow me to turn individual or all items in a room off at the plug without the hassle of having to reach behind furniture etc. When an appliance is not in use, it goes off, and when leaving the room I use the "all off" button to make sure everything is off. Has had a quite noticeable effect on my bill ever since I started.

evster Registered User

Turn off things you're NOT using except your brain

Moscow08 Registered User

Tea is for mugs

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