foreversky Registered User

this happening on and of for 3 mths.sick of it now.has it happened to anyone else.

someone said the wind has moved the dish out of alignment.when it gets worse.

hellboy99 Registered User

Same here, a bit of rain and I lose signal. I have a new dish and LNB which are only a few months old, had it all checked out recently by a Sky engineer and they said it was all fine
I reckon Sky are using cheap dishes and LNB's as the old Grundig dish and LNB I had for 10 years prior to my new setup worked in any kind of weather and rarely loss a signal.

foreversky Registered User

been with sky 3 yrs.never had a problem before multy room a few moths bk too.hoping my cousin to move dish around to see if that works.

or sky will be gething one very angry call from this week

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