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I have food in my belly and a roof over my head. I'm grand.

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Golden week in college, 4 day college weeks also rawk!!

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Bein a young buck, i feel great at the moment...

Passed my repeats, now back in college with some of best classmates anyone could wish for...

No more money worries for the moment...

Back in work...

Back at the GAA after a series of unbelievably frustratin injuries...

Have a great flat sorted for college...

And best of all,

Had my first moment the other night with a girl where we were just lyin beside each other, no words spoken and I just thought "Wow!"..... not sure how to explain it, but I'm sure you all understand...

So to summarise:
I'm on TOP form..!

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Funny that I spotted this thread today of all days. I was just thinking to myself earlier how I wish it was 40 years into the future so I was dead.


That's no garantee!!
Surely it's something can be fixed Monkeybonkers?


dceire said:
I have to say I'm genuinely in good form right now.

All of the following happened in the past few days:
- I was offered a promotion in work yesterday; still on ****e money but slightly less ****e than before.
- I've been offered a place on a postgrad course which I hope to defer until next year.
- I just fulfilled a lifelong ambition by purchasing my first motorbike.
- I'm finally about to move out of the homestead into a new place with cheap rent.
- My car had a problem yesterday morning and my mechanic ended up fixing it for free yesterday evening.
- And to top it all off I met the most beautiful French girl the other day, got her number, and asked her out on a date for tomorrow; she said yes but has yet to get back to me since yesterday. Weather or not she dose get back to me, it's been a good week.
I want you're mechanics number


Good form.

But large amounts of pain.

I'm getting too old for this football lark.


Kind of a bit down myself. A close family member is sick and I don't know if they will get better. I work as a contractor and the company has been reducing the duration of our contracts constantly to the point now where they are only 2-3 months in length. So as a result I can relax for about 6 weeks before I start worrying again about not having a job, and not being able to find one if I was out of work. I don't have a lot of savings either so I'd have to move home if I was out of work, so general money worries, work worries, family worries.

Feels like everything is bad at the moment and there's very little to enjoy or look forward to.


Having to go through that every 6 weeks or so must be really stressful. It sounds like you have an awful lot on your plate at the moment G-Money. I hope you take time out for yourself and that you've a few good friends to take your mind off things every so often.
Take care.

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staker said:
That's no garantee!!
Surely it's something can be fixed Monkeybonkers?

I think I was just feeling a bit melancholy yesterday. Not wishing to be dead but just tired of the drudgery of life, the plodding, boring repetitiveness of it all.
I hope 40 years will be enough!


7 reasons why I feel great

1.its been a 11 days since I gave up smoking and i feel fantasic

2.yesterday was a preductive day in college and I feel that I've found away for me to learn in a way that seems to work for me and get things done quicker then every one else (this is really good sufffering from add and dyslexia in college last year was really tough...)

3. The sun is shineing

4. I shall find a new place to live soon.

5. I feel good about my self because I've stoped smoking I don't feel so negitive and just like happyier in a good way

6. The fact when I say I'm going to do something I will and that I shouldnt be hard on my self

7. The fact that tomorow I get payed any were from 200 euros upwards for 4 hours Praise be sweet nepotisim

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Dr Galen I'm a real doctor I swears

Master of Nothing said:
Currently, I'm bricking it waiting on my results from repeat exams. I actually feel worried about not being able to go back to college I'm usually pretty happy and content, but I have even avoided nights out in the past 2 weeks as it would make me feel worse!

I'll be over the bloody moon if I pass, can sort out a house to live in and my student grant once that happens.

Wolfe Tone said:
In the same boat as yourself, waiting on results from two repeats.

Coming a lil late to this so dunno if you the results yet. If so, hope it went well lads.

as for me, coming to the end of my two weeks off

Had a great time though

Some good things happening from a work point of view when I get back

My own little sideline thing is progressing nicely

All in all things are going well. Let's say an 8 outta 10

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Writing the best music i have ever written and getting some really nice emails from Producers i really respect. Ripping through the book i am writing and not hitting a single stumbling block. Blog is doing really well and getting more and more respect within the auld industry. The sun is shinning and i am listening to some great Reggae music.

So it's been a nice week.

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im in canada,after landing a great job,making loads of new friends and have to meet a hot girl tonight i feel terrible today

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I'll be completely bluntly honest.

I feel like absolute **** and have done for some now.

Sorry to be a downer

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