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Got a stone wall built by a mason. He's charging for x number of metres but when I measure it, it comes to 10 metres less.

There are six piers in the wall with a wall meeting one side of four of the piers, and the wall is meeting two sides on the other two piers.

Where the wall meets any pier side, 80% of that side's surface area is covered by the wall.

The mason tells me he is counting this non-visible 80% surface area in his calculations. Is this normal?


hbarstone Registered User

yes this would be normal, agree part pier hidden but still has to build, savings in able to build less work as hidden more than compensates for extra work mason has to put into corners or piers to have right. yes normaly measured like that when overall price per sq mtr
the other way doing price per mtr on wall measured exact and price per mtr or pier and again measure area seen
. resulting price both methods measure and price should result in similar overall price

Sonnenblumen Registered User

Agree, nothing unusual to charge for non visible sections of wall/piers. OP - if in doubt, you can check the stone work during construction.

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