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I bought the Galaxy S2 a couple of months ago. I am having issues with people hearing everthing they are saying back to them like a echo on the phone and when I rang Three they said to download Kies and update the firmware. However, I am having issue with Samsung Kies connectivity.
I downloaded Samsung Kies and installed it on my laptop. However, it displays ‘Please connect device’ at the top left. I tried re-starting the phone, the desktop but it does not solve the problem.
I have tried the following suggestions
- In the phone disable the USB option under Settings->Applications->Development
- Disable the antivirus and try connecting thru the USB.
Both these options do not work.
After connecting to the USB, the phone displays “Charging”. After unlocking, it displays the message “Connected. Press the home key to quit Samsung Kies”. However, on the laptop, it just doesnt work.
I tried with Kies Air thru bluetooth and that works fine but it has limited features.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

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Basically Kies is a pile of *&^%. Samsung have perfectly good software for upgrading the firmware of your phone (it's called Odin) but they don't distribute that to you, no they want you to have a prettier, more user friendly experience, where you can sync music, contacts..... etc. and be 60 odd MB in size, even though there are plenty of other apps that will do those other things.

I used to have plenty of trouble with Kies, eventually got it to work, by installing it onto 3 different PCs, did everything else the same, and it just worked on one.

If you really want to use Kies, then would suggest uninstall, reinstall, or at least try installing the drivers again (I think that's an option)

I would however recommend using Odin, if you do a search for it, you'll find a link to a download, I have Odin3 v1.85 and it works fine.

You then need to get the latest European firmware, which you will find at (you need to register with the site), and follow the instructions. Or you can get the firmware and instructions from here . You will not be rooting your phone doing this.

This will wipe your phone, (Contacts, messages, apps installed but not photos, music) so back them up

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Thanks for your help Zagato. I reinstalled the drivers for the version of windows I was running and reinstalled Kies twice before I was going to try your method and I got it to connect with the phone and then it asked me to update the software. I was having an issue with an echo on the phone and the update fixed it!!

I have another question : - My daughter is after locking her samsung europa phone by entering the pattern code wrong 20 times and now it is asking for her user name and password but when she enters them it doesnt accept them. I have googled this a bit and found it is a common problem with the phone. The phone itself only cost 50 euro so I'm reluctant to bring it in to an unlocking shop as it will cost around 40 euro!! I've tried to perform a hard reset but it wont work. Any ideas?

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My attempt to use Kies:

I'd recommend you avoid it if possible

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You may want to enable "Allow installation of non-Market applications" in settings>applications before connecting to PC

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To get Kies to work with a Mac
1. Download Kies to computer & install it.
2. Start Kies on the phone.
3. Kies will give you a http:19........ no. Type this into the browser on the computer and press return.
4. Kies will (fairly instantly) give you a confirmation no. on the phone which you must input into the computer.
5. Once you input the no. the device should sync.
6. It took me a long time to figure this out!!


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