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My sister is getting married in 7 weeks time, my dad is a simple auld farmer from the midlands with very little social skills, he hasn't said he was nervous about the speech but I know he will make a haims of it if I don't jump in and offer a nice short template for him to read off.

Can anyone offer a very short father of the bride speech which covers all parties involved.



Does he have to make a speech at all if he wouldn't be comfortable doing it?

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Google is your best bet. There are loads of sample speech's online. Basically, he just thanks everyone for coming. Say how beautiful is daughter is and how happy he is to welcome his new son-in-law into the family.

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Op i'm in a similar position, getting married next year and the brides father has a thick mayo accent and wont be comfortable at all, but i actually think he's started practising already

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Just to thank everybody, thats really the only minimum they need to say

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I've been to a few of weddings where the father of the bride did not do a speach at all. Generally pased on to eldest brother, or even mother in some cases.


i'd say leave it OP, if he didnt ask for help, i'd say hes fine, you might just make him (more) self-concious if you mention it


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I also think that if he hasn't brought it up then I would leave it be. It is his daughter so you could be stepping on his toes by trying to muscle in on his chance to say something meaningful to her on the day.

If he asks for help give it but don't say that he will make a haims of it to him it will take all the fun out of it. Ask him to keep it short if you want but don't try to take his few minutes of centre stage on the day away from him.

My Dad is making a speech at my wedding, I think that it has been on his mind since the day I said I am engaged. I know he would be offended if my brother tried to take that opportunity away from him. Let him have is moment it is only a few minutes out of the whole day anyway

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