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I am currently moving from Greyhound. The reason being that when I rang them, after waiting 10 minutes, I had to speak to 3 people before anyone was able to answer simple questions on their charging structure.

Now I have cancelled the service but they maintain they have no record of this - meaning they lost my cancellation letter. The person I spoke to was rude and incompetent. I would have been more successful with an answering machine.

There is also rubbish in my greyhound bins - I have offered to pay the usual lift charge to allow them to take this and then take possesion of their bins. They have refused and said I need to empty the bins myself. To say they are unhelpful is a massive understatement, and did I mention rude.

This is a company that seems to take pride in being unhelpful - move to anyone else if you can.

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Glad to see this board.
I hate the new structure too. I have a link to a thread here that I started but this thread is way better.

There's no reason not to move to Access then is there? They clearly seem to be the better option??


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My experience this week with greyhound......

Wednesday night I went online to make my "€6.20" payment & noticed that my account was -24.40! I had been charged €6 for a brown bin lift & €12.20 for a black bin lift - bearing in mind that: 1. I never use my brown bin, 2. I was away for the week that the bins in question were "lifted"!! I had also paid €6.20 the previous week but had been charged 12.40 as the bin was more than 20kg so this extra 6.20 had been added onto the account.

Phoned greyhound on Thursday & they insisted the bins had been lifted to which I insisted that they hadn't been put out. I asked her why they supposedly lifted the bins when the lift charges hadn't been prepaid & the girl said that this was a "goodwill gesture" by Greyhound to lift the bins for the month of November for those that hadn't paid the charges!! (my ar$e!) I told her I had paid the €60 in October which showed up on my account & that I only put credit into my account the night before I require a lift so they agreed to credit me with the 2 lifts & they have cancelled my brown bin totally at my request.

To be honest the whole new pricing system is a scam IMO - where I paid €10.50 & put a black bin out every 2 -4 weeks - I'm now going to be paying €12+ for the same approx weight. I was under the stupid illusion that I only had to pay €6.20 per lift so I will be looking into changing companies myself.

Does anyone know of other companies that service the Tallaght area?


Well, Im moving to thorntons, not surprised to see Im that Im not the only one experiencing the same thing with greyhound, I rang them up to confirm their costs as they dont make it clear, neither in the letter they sent out or in their website. I didnt really believe I would be saving anything with them, but also it seems they are obviously (seems to me) to be trying to obscure what the potential price may actually be as its pay per weight. So if I pay per weight and put out a very lightly loaded bin, d I get a deduction, NO, but if its over a certain weight they charge me extra. I was about to hang up the phone after waiting 5 mins on hold.

W.B. Yeats said:
Quick question:
We are changing to Access bins from Greyhound- I emailed greyhound to say that I would be changing to Access-
Greyhound emailed me back and said that they would arrange for someone to come and take back our bins.....
We have had those bins ever since we moved into our house 7 years ago, long before Greyhound came on the scene
Question: who owns the bin? I thought that it was ours......

I paid for replacement grey bin, I deem it to be mine (i paid for it) and that was when sdcc still owned the service, Im sure I paid for the first one with sdcc though. I dont have the space to keep them, so dont understand why they dont just change the RFID chip or recode it or transfer it to the new service provider (like porting your phone number) it seems like an awful lot of waste to collect/deliver new bins/fuel involved/CO2, at worst why not let a new service provider jet wash the old stickers off and put a new chip in the bin??

wait4me said:
Now this is somebody using their brains! I just thought last night that if there is a major switch away from Greyhound to other providers, Greyhound is going to have to pick up a hell of a lot of bins, at a cost. Not good for the cash flow never mind the profit, read loss, line. Similarily Thorntons, for example, now have to order a shed load of new bins to supply to a fickle audience. That audience is liable to move elsewhere after a year if Thorntons (for example) don't maintain a cost competitiveness. I can see a lot of waste companies getting wasted in a short space of time.

Seems like reduce reuse recycle is lost on them??

by the way, had enough of greyhound crap customer service, rang citybin and thorntons, both answered the phone almost straight away, thorntons offers me more what im looking for, ie can top up online/dont need to pay direct debit. Shame they have to replace the bins, seems very wasteful not to just replace stickers.

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Does anyone know the web address to top up the bin charges account, can't seem to find it on now

macplaxton Moderator

I think it's and linked there. ;-)

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macplaxton said:
I think it's and linked there. ;-)

Yeah discovered that myself in the search but as expected the login from my waste charge card doesn't work.

macplaxton Moderator

Why is it expected not to work? Mine worked fine after the changeover. New set up shows more detail (once you manage to log in)

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greyhound waste charges yearly charge of 50 euro in south dublin county council district were theres no charge for dublin city council district two rules for dublin

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jacob2 said:
greyhound waste charges yearly charge of 50 euro in south dublin county council district were theres no charge for dublin city council district two rules for dublin

Could you add some punctuation and correct the spelling mistakes to make your statement/question understandable?

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