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I want to get my attic and walls insulated this year but due to lack of funds, can't afford both. Bascially, I floored the centre part of my attic last year. The insulation guy who looked at my house suggested not going for the Grant as due to regs, it would be more costly to insulate over that part, that or I would have to remove the flooring. Eitherway, it's more costly to put in walkways. This guy suggested insulation the outer portion of the attic and the walls without going for the Grant. I can't afford to fund the whole job right now and was wondering if anyone can tell me if I were just to do one job, which would be more beneficial - to insulate the cavity walls or to insulate the attic.

Many thanks

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Are you thinking of pumping the cavity, internal drylining or external wall insulation?

Attic insulation is pretty quick and cheap to do and has a quick pay back period. If you're not going for the grant I suppose you are free to price around for contractors not on the SEAI list but still make sure they know what they are at.

You'll notice the benefit of the attic insulation pretty quick. Is there much insulation under the boarding? It doesn't work so well if it is tightly compacted.

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Sorry, should have given more info. I have 4" insulation in the attic at the moment. 12" seems excessive but that's what the Grant requires. I also have 4" in the cavity. I was going to get that pumped (beads). I don't have wall vents so this company would put them in for me also. It's coming in at 2k without grant, 3k with grant (the total price including vents). If I was to go down the Grant route, it would still cost more and I would have pratically no attic space left. I'd rather keep the flooring in the attic and just do the outer section. It's not a cold house but every organ in my body shook in bed last winter and so I do want to increase the insulation. I just wondered, is one more effective than the other.

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So he's charging you 3000 if you apply for the grant or 2000 if you dont? This doesn't sound right - he makes more money if you go for the grant - I dont think that was the reason the grant system was set up. I'd check that out with SEAI if I was you.

Is that for both loft insulation and cavity insulation? Is there any insulation in the 4" cavity at all?

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Check out this thread you might find it reasonable to do the attic yourself (or find someone handy to do it for you) and then get the walls pumped by the experts.
Rolling out some attic insulation can be an unpleasant job with some of the itchier types of insulation but it really shouldn't be beyond the scope of almost anyone with a bit of cop-on.

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If I go for the grant, I have to have a specific insulation laid over the present flooring, which is more expensive. Otherwise, I'd have to pay someone to take up the floorboards, have the same insulation blown the whole way through the attic and pay extra to have walkways put in if I want to use it for storage. The quote includes getting vents put in to the bedrooms. As for the walls, I actually don't know how wide my cavity is, he told me I do have 4" of insulation aeroboard insulation already there. I'd need to have the quote in front of me now to compare exactly, but I got a quote from someone last year to do the whole house for 1,800, no walkways in the attic and I'd have to take up the floorboards. I'd get 520 grant plus I'd have to get a BER done. I don't think that quote included lagging the tank (I've two tanks) or the pipes. This guy's quote isn't that much more expensive really if you were to weigh everything up. They came recommended to me by a friend who used them recently.

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