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Hi All

I have the above Garmin with lifetime updates. I have tried several times, on both a pc and laptop to update to the 2012.20 maps but to no avail. I have also tried using the Lifetime Updater (Option 1) and using the Garmin map updater (Option 2) when managing maps but still no success. This is driving me insane as I have a cap on my download limit and I cant keep trying indefinitely -

I contacted Garmin support and they just sent me instructions going through Option 2 above but I still get stuck at the same point. They also got me to delete temp files to free up space as well as downloading the latest microsoft .net 4 version

I go through all the steps as instructed (including the latest Garmin communicator software etc) and eventually get to the stage where it tells you that there is nothing more required as it is downloading the maps and this may take several hours (ie) the v last step.
It then goes through the first leg of downloading the maps and the second step of preparing the maps, however on the installation leg I get a pop up error saying that "an unexpected error has occurred and the program must close"

Anyone else had a similar issue?


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Hey yeah, I'm having this problem with the Nuvi 760. Have you gotten anywhere? We had a problem for a couple of weeks where the maps were locked, but changing the SD memory card seemed to unlock them but without any of the map information.

I was considering trying the manual Updater (Option 2) but the fact that yours was unsuccessful makes me reluctant to waste more time.

Garmin technical support have been incredibly unhelpful - we also downloaded microsoft .net framework version 4.

We get to between 90 and 96 percent and then get ' an unexpected error has occurred'.

If you have gotten anywhere please let me know - I'm doing this as a favour for my parents and they have been struggling with various problems to do with the thing for a year now!

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