tuppence Banned

This week coming is an important week as the gas companaies have meetings scheduled for all over the North west, Leitrim, Fermanagh, Cavan etc.

WE call on those people who wish to help the campaign and use facebook to show support through facebook.
If you change your facebook picture for the week to the below and share the following we would like to start a little herd to protect us all in the week ahead.

Please post this picture up as your profile picture as a mark of solidarity with the antifracking campaign for the week Sunday 4th Sep-Sunday 11th Sep. This is the week that the Gas industry is trying to lobby its way into Ireland with meetings with council representatives and people across the North west. Pls copy this and share widely.

tuppence Banned

Live trad comes from Carrick on Shannon with some of Leitrims finest musicians Thursday, 26th April at 10pm to highlight the local and national issue of hydraulic fracturing. Come and join the session, share and comment on http://www.livetrad.com/


Don't bump old thread's, Also less soapboxing please don't post here again if it's in relation to fracking or you will get a ban from the Donegal Forum.

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