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Hi all ,

Just a quick question as to if i would be entitled to social wefare or not.

I was working full time in a company for nearly 5 years , i was let go and had to get other work , the only work i could get was work in a hotel which started off alright , i was getting 3 days per week and was coping alright , there is no longer 3 days available , only 2 . my nett is lower than the basic social welfare payment(even before i factor in travel to and fro from work). if i "LEAVE" this job and go to sign on , will they run me out the door or am i perfectly entitled to sign on .

any feedback would be amazing as im holding off talking to my manager untill i find out .

Im gonna try negotiate more days off him but if he says no , i will have to go down the social welfare route .

thanks in advance


If you were working three days and available and seeking work you should have been claiming already for the other three, you are only a casual worker
SW week is six days

You are entitled, get in there and sign on, you are working two and you claim for four.
You should have been doing this already. Try to back date but I doubt they'll allow it. But worth a try,nothing to lose

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I have worked with the company for about a year doing 2/3 days a week . would i not be considered a part time employee .

am i still entitled to claim the other days

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You are entitled to claim for the days of the week you dont work (up to 6)

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thanks for your help folks ..........

letting the gov away with murder . ill drop up first thing monday morning to check it out , no doubt there will be a file cabinet full of forms to fill in .

upwards and onwards .

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