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Is Ryanairs online checking working for anyone? I'm trying to check in for flights tomorrow and i just get a black page after checkign all the security questions on the second page of check in.


Nevermind it's working for me now.

**Timbuk2** Moderator

Are you using Chrome by any chance? I've found Ryanair check-in to be slightly troublesome at times with Chrome - moving to Firefox or another browser usually helps!

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chasm Registered User

I am having issues with the ryanair site today too. Checked in online and when it came to the page to print off the boarding card the page appeared then another window opened on top saying error and that the page does not exist. Not a happy bunny BTW i'm using firefox

Savman Registered User

Ignore the pop-up window that shows the error message, I got that the last few times, it seems to be a bug with their site that they haven't fixed.

Just close the pop-up window and you can Print or Save the Boarding Passes. I'm on Chrome btw.

chasm Registered User

I wasn't able to close the pop up window, it gave options to return to the homepage or press back. I went back in a little while ago and i was given the option to print them, this time the pop up came up but FF closed it so i was able to print without any problem, Thankfully.

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