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I'm looking for some inspiration/advice for a second anniversary. It's a cotton or china present, depending on where you look - do you have to stick to the tradition or can you go rogue?!

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Go Rogue!!
I forgot my mothers 3rd anniversary this year so got them a night away in the hotel that they got married in

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I'm still clueless without the restriction, never mind having to choose just a cotton gift!

What do you mean Lisa?

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I've not heard of there being any material associated with early anniversaries. But since you can go with either, then for cotton you could go with something in muslin - nice scarf, shawl or vintage nightdress or table-cloths with lacing? depends what she/you like (assuming here you're a bloke).
For china there's plenty of choice with personalised coffee or tea-cups and saucers if she likes household items or something decorative like a vase or porcelain statuette of some sort.

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If someone got me china or cotton for an anniversary present i wouldnt be best pleased....Unless your in your 60s

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I guess it's a matter of personal taste, I quite like a vintage and antique feel to things...


I'd be very touched if I got China or cotton - I think it's sweet and I love things for the house. Each to their own I guess.

A friend at work recently had her second wedding anniversary. Her and her husband went out for a really nice lunch and then went for a look in the shops together, he bought her a cotton dress and she bought him a cotton shirt. I thought that was quite sweet and a great idea.

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lisacruise82 said:
Nicely explain...

Lisa when you post please write something which makes sense and contributes to the thread.

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It is thoughtful to stick with the traditional cotton to china, but its not a restriction at all. In fact not everyone even knows there are traditional gifts for the earlier anniversaries! If you do go traditional, try to find a modern or quirky twist... many people won't appreciate the traditional gifts are you can see from the responses here.

Or how about doing both? Buy a regular gift and wrap it in a piece of cotton for the symbolism?

You don't say if its your own anniversary or someone you know - that could make a big difference to our suggestions!

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My own anniversary!

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Captain Slow IRL said:
My own anniversary!

In that case unless you know your wife is into vintage, I would suggest getting a more regular gift e.g. jewellery, and add something symbolic for the traditional gift.

Apparently Rose quartz and garnet are the 2nd anniversary gemstones, although this doesn't seem to be that well know. But you could buy jewellery with one of these stones and wrap it in cotton instead of wrapping paper for the traditional symbolism. 2 traditions in one!

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iguana said:
Lisa when you post please write something which makes sense and contributes to the thread.

That's actually a spammer. Nuked.

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A weekend away in a nice hotel.

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Thanks for the help. I got her something cotton from figleaves, gonna get some small china to cover all bases!

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