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I switched electricity to ESB Electric Ireland on 31st July (14% Supersaver discount using online billing and direct debit). I assume the switchover occurred on 04/August as my previous supplier issued a mid-cycle bill that day. I haven't heard anything from ESB EI since applying to switch, either by email or by paper mail. Apparently I need to register online to get my full 14% discount. However I need my account number to register online. Are ESB EI going to write to me with the account number or is my first bill (via paper mail) going to be my first communication from them?

In which case, how am I meant to get my full 14% discount on my first bill if I'm not able to register online? Will ESB EI backdate the discount once I finally manage to register online after my first bill arrives?


Hi gaa_fan,

You should have received a welcome within 20 working days of the switchover taking place. I apologise if this has not been received, we are currently experiencing a backlog in sending these welcome packs due to the high volume of switchovers.

If you would like to PM me your details I can look into this for you.


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