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It's more or less fashion so I hope it's ok here? I shopped in Pennys again today. I love it. Anyways I was given a receipt type thing with information about their online survey and chances to win money and iPods. So off I went home,tried on the dress(very nice and greatly reduced)and tried to do the survey. Has anyone else tried to get onto this survey? The www doesn't exist,I tried their home page and it doesn't mention it anywhere.I love a competition,especially one for Pennys as they rarely do things like this.I am guessing that I am allowed to put up the address? Anyone got any luck with this?

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D'oh-oopps,thanks for that.I think need a refresher course ni pselling!! Cheers and I'll start doing some crosswords today.

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I'm sure they'll get an avalanche of advice on this ......lets hope they make amends for all those dodgy sizes!!

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I won't fault them for sizing,though it is bizzare the similarities sometimes between 10s' and 16s'!i never buy trousers there without first trying them on. Underwear too,I just guess most of the time. But they sure fitted me out for the summer very cost effectively!


Ah I'd love to do this! Why do we need to buy something though, my complaint is they never have nice menswear so I'm hardly going to buy something to say that.

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Caroline from Clonsilla is a lucky girl, wins an iPod on April 21st and £/$1000 on April 22nd.Hmmmm.....

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Resi12- you could buy socks/jocks, pillows, pjs', candles..penneys wouldn't see you stuck for buying something!!Tis silly though as it says on the receipt for entering 'no purchase necessary.'

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What Penneys did you get the survey slip in? I work in a Penneys and have heard nothing about this and I shopped in O'Connell St earlier and didn't get one.... Seems very odd to me and Penneys is spelt wrong in both the web address and the tab heading. Could be legit but it just seems so strange.

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Penneys is spelt wrong alright- I had a 'quiet moment' in my brain,plus that's how I spelled it while putting in the www,sorry about that.I got it in The Galway shopping centre,on the Headford road. Sure is legit,well unless the lady behind the till was an imposter!

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ger vallely said:
Penneys is spelt wrong alright- I had a 'quiet moment' in my brain,plus that's how I spelled it while putting in the www,sorry about that.I got it in The Galway shopping centre,on the Headford road. Sure is legit,well unless the lady behind the till was an imposter!

Maybe it just hasn't come to Dublin yet, we haven't been told anything about it in work. No I meant on the actual website, the address is :

Maybe the person who made it works in Primark and not Penneys and spelt it like their coin

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I wonder is it only in Galway? I got one in the other Penneys in Galway. Bit of a rubbish survey tbh, doesn't give many options.

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I've just completed the survey there. To be honest it it seems to be a survey created to review how each of the separate stores and their staff are preforming and treating their customers.
It reminded me of the types of questions one of those "mystery shoppers" might do and report back to management.
The majority of the questions were marked from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree", you just ticked a circle. Some were yes/no options.

Sample questions included:
. Were the staff friendly?
. Did a member of staff offer to help you whilst shopping?
. Did the person serving you smile and thank you for your custom?
. Were the prices clearly displayed?
. Was the layout of store easy to navigate?
. Was the store clean?
. Was there clothing on the floor?
. Do you think Penneys offer good value/quality for money?

It seemed to be very focused on whether the staff were being friendly and keeping the store tidy, and much less focused on ideas that you would like to give for improvements.

The only time I got to type something instead of clicking a box, was when I answered the question, " Did you have a good experience on your last shopping trip" I ticked Agree, then a box opened saying "so glad you enjoyed your experience, can you tell us why you were happy with it"

I was only buying a hairband on my last visit, so I didn't have much to complain about from that trip.
I presume if I had clicked Strongly Disagree, they would have asked me to explain why I wasn't happy.

I was fairly kind in my markings, clicked agree or neither agree/disagree for a lot of the questions, because I do generally love Penneys and the staff in my store are lovely.

If you want to leave some ideas or comments about sizes, or fashion you would like to see, then you'll probably have to grade some of the questions negatively, and then maybe they will let you leave some ideas or comments?

I think the survey is mostly to review their staff's performance. They probably know which store each entry code comes from. They even ask you what date and time you visited the store. So I suspect if you had a very bad experience at a certain store, the managers and staff working there at the time would get some sort of warning.

Immediately after finishing it told me that I had not won the daily ipod giveaway, but that I was still in with a chance of winning the cash. It then automatically redirected me to the Primark website.
Here is a link to their "previous winners":

Seems to be a lot from America. I don't think Penney's even has a store there, but maybe they were tourists who visited a Penneys store, or maybe they are winners from different surveys/competitions that the survey company "empathica" are running.

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was in Pennys yesterday and got some lovely scarves - good quality and a good selection of colours

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