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I was pondering whether I should post this in the "Coffee & Tea" section of the board but it's not the regular tea so I'll just do away with it here.

So I recently got back from a trip to the west and I have been craving bubble/boba tea badly. Does anyone know if there is anywhere where I can find bubble tea? And if not sold in places, how to make one?

Here's a picture:

With tapioca and everything!

Pleeeease let there be bubble tea.

emeraldstar Registered User

If you want to make your own there's a recipe here: (you have to scroll down) http://www.americancupcakeinlondon.com/2011/04/bubble-tea-fever-hits-london.html

tfak85 Registered User

I know this is a stupid question but, are you supposed to ingest the bubbles?!

I got a bubble tea in NYC this summer and while the flavour was nice, I got totally freaked when one of the bubbles traveled up the straw!

The fruity ones with the multi coloured bubbles look great, I think I may even make some myself!!

emeraldstar Registered User

Lol, yes! They're just like eating jellies (though perhaps not quite as tasty). I do find it a bit odd having to chew a drink though.

Harami Registered User

ah so there's nowhere that makes them here at all? :/ so depressing haha

i will try the tips in that link though. thank you, emeralstar.

emeraldstar Registered User

There could be somewhere in Dublin, I don't know. Did you Google it?

flikflak Registered User

You can get the `bubbles` for it in the Asian stores. I got some when I got back from Taiwan and made my own.


Love Bubble Tea

You can buy the ingredients on Amazon and then just make your own.

supersheeps Registered User

Apparently Harvey Nichols in Dundrum will be doing these...sounds awful, sorry!

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For 2 days only BOO. I love this stuff, even the chewy tapioca balls! Never been able to get it in Ireland though.

emeraldstar Registered User

But it's just cold (usually), flavoured tea. Make some, buy some tapioca balls, throw 'em in, et voila!

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Oh, I've been planning to alright, I eye up the pretty tapioca pearls every time I go to the Asian supermarket! The silly thing is I can't find the massive straws which of course are mandatory for the full bubble tea experience maybe they're in the Asian supermarket too, must take a closer look next time I'm there.

emeraldstar Registered User

You could hunt for them online, I guess. Found the below on the Amazon US site but you may well find another source.


foodaholic Registered User

Harvey Nics doing bubble tea, heres the link:

dollylolly Registered User

in Georges Street Arcade in Dublin! FINALLY someone spotted a gap in the market! :DInterested to see what flavour combinations they do as I've really had a hankering for a tarro milk tea..mmm I've been watching progress on the shop for the past week and it looks really slick. Let the Irish Bubble Tea revolution begin

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