Ive been watching that one, was good behind the scenes look alright

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softmee said:
I wouldn't shout at anyone anywhere, ~I know its not nurses or Dr's fault but somebody behind it who is managing the system. I am 100% sure private hospital would be able to provide exelent service for 100 eu per average A&E visit..

Of course they could. Unless you're a drug addict, homeless, elderly, poor,pscyhciatricly ill, chronically ill and all the other ills and problems of society that private a and e's dont have to or want to deal with due to the resources that they hog.

A public A and E on the other hand has to deal with everyone that comes through their door. They can't cherrypick the cases that will be profitable.

Also try going into one of the private a and e's whilst having a heart attack. You know what they will do? Call 999 for a state funded ambulance to bring you to a real A and E i.e a state funded one.

They aint a and e's no matter whatb they call themselves and thats why you dont wait around for hours to be treated

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Bambi said:
My favourite experience in A&E, waiting three hours in an unheated prefab shed with my elderly mother and being pretty much told to sit down and shut up when I finally asked how much longer we'd have to wait. When we finally got into the triage, the mother was sorted straight away and the nurse told us that she should have been sent in straight away.

On the way out I told that long suffering angel behind the counter that she was a g**bag and would hopefully die roaring, or words to that effect.

I used to have a lot of sympathy for hospital staff but having actually spent time with people in hospitals over the last few years, I would now rank them somewhere below journalists for ethics and below bank directors for competence.

It is not the people on the front line's fault. It is the managers higher up in offices you get paid a fortune who do not have proper managerial skills and who make bad decisions with funding. Also, blame the government, past and present etc.

And to be honest, 3 hours is nothing to wait in A&E. I've waited for 8 hours with a patient in A&E. And she was still not seen to when I clocked off. She was 83 years old.

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