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Hello lads,

How's the form with everyone? I posted my show reel here few months back and got some good feedback so thought do something similiar and get your opinion lads! Basically myself and my comedy partner in crime have decided to write,direct and star in a series of episodes which pretty much describes the world of amateur comedy in Ireland. Our aim is to show people what it's like to try and make it in the comedy world and the people we meet along the way (not always nice but usually funny)

The episodes include live footage of myself (The Mind Guy) and Komedy Konn performing to live audiences. We show ourselves opening up for the likes of Joe Rooney and Karl Spain in big venues and also footage of us trying new/weird stuff and completely dying on stage.

Feel free to watch it or not, slag it or like or whatever you wish. Dont worry about hurting our feelings

Cheers lads!


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Your Belfast lad, Alvin Phee.

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Hey Alvin, thanks very much for watching!

mikerawlins Registered User

pretty good...

ShooterSF Registered User

Getting "Sorry this video is private"

worthkill Registered User

Ha ha...very good combination. Like.

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