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I was Tesco Balbriggan this evening when the missus wandered into the garden section upstairs. Parasols were marked down to €10.50 but it was the deck chairs there that caught her interest. There was no pricing on the shelf and none on the chair itself. We eventually managed to find a very friendly member of staff who went off and checked the price for us which was an excellent €10.50. I have no idea how much they were in the height of the season but at €10.50 they certainly seem like a bargain. They are very similar in design to the one below (but a darker wooden finish) but as far as I could tell the only colour there was lime:

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Cheers. Pick up two of these later if they have them in Drogheda.


It's a pity Tesco don't sell sunshine

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trad said:
It's a pity Tesco don't sell sunshine

Don't you know if they did sell it someone would still find a way to moan about it

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But its British sunshine!! Can we not support Irish producers?

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