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ziedth said:
I know this won't go down well in these parts but I have never really had an issue with arsenal. However I can't stand Chelsea and Utd then Liverpool fans who i know traditionally wreck my head.

I honestly think that if was any other team then Chelsea in the final I wouldn't mind as much. Like what was mentioned above Terry is the least likeable player I have seen in the Play so seeing him lift the trophy would almost be as bad as us not qualifying.

Christ I really hope Bayern win.

ashley cole and rio ferdinand for me ahead of jt

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jordainius said:
This thread was created as a means of taking pleasure out of the troubles Arsenal were experiencing, and it made finishing third all the more sweet. I get supporting your own, but I really don't see the point in taking pleasure at the woes of others, but whatever, not worth making a big deal over...

I actually really hope Bayern win on Saturday, it wouldn't seem right for the 6th best team in England to win Europe's premier competition. And I'd like to think that the four teams who qualify are the four best teams. And Tottenham finished 4th fair and square. I feel that there should be a play off in instances like this, that if for example Chelsea won it, there should be a preliminary qualifier for the next season whereby Chelsea would play Tottenham over two legs- that way Chelsea still get their chance to defend their title and Tottenham still get a shot at qualifying, and UEFA are kept happy by ensuring no more than four English teams qualify.

Also, and I think we can all agree on this- I really don't want to see John Terry lifting that trophy

nice post and a good idea.

on our form though i dont think we would beat chelsea over two legs?

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