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Ive volunteered for the Electric Picnic festival this year and will need to travel down on Thursday the day before the festival starts, is there a direct train or bus to Portlaoise from Galway and how regularly does the service run, as I need to be at Stradbally for 12pm on Thursday? Cheers in advance if anyone can help.

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Train wise you'd have to change at Portarlington:

Dublin-Galway timetable

Timetable for Portarlington-Portlaoise

So at the latest you'd want to get the 9:05 from Galway (arrive Portarlington @ 10:57), and then wait for the 11:11 from Portarlington (arrive Portlaoise @11:25). That's only a 14 minute gap so you might be leaving it to chance were it to run late... Don't know how you get from there to Stradbally either, I'd probably get the earlier train if I was you.

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You could get the X20 from Galway at 07:30 be in Athlone at 9am get the Waterford 73 bus at 9:15 and it will drop you in Stradbally and Taxi the rest of the way. The bus fair from Galway to Portlaoise is 31:50 return the train is 48 eur return and you still need to get the rest of the way

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