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Tom Lees got the third.

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SarahBM said:
what do ye think the chances of the Notts forest game being moved for telly? I was thinking of going

In general, matches can only be moved up to three weeks before a game. However, in the case of the Forest game, the tickets are now on sale on the website so once this happens, there's no going back.

Bought my tickets yesterday and got flights a few weeks ago at 9.75 each way incl taxes.

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Warnock said an improved offer has been made to Diouf, said Diouf has more offers on the table and could get more money elsewhere but he hopes the crowd reaction to him will make him stay and that Diouf doesn't need the money, he has enough already.

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JokerD said:
Warnock said an improved offer has been made to Diouf, said Diouf has more offers on the table and could get more money elsewhere but he hopes the crowd reaction to him will make him stay and that Diouf doesn't need the money, he has enough already.

For me its a difficult one. Iv always hated Diouf as a professional footballer and if this summer had gone the way we all wanted it to go, I wouldnt give two sh1ts if he left but the way things are, we need him. So I hope he stays.

As a Leeds fan we really are having to sacrifice what we believe for the (hopefully) good of the team. Its difficult but when it comes right and it will, my god we are going to celebrate.

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Zaph Millionaire Oppressor

Bates, Warnock, Diouf - talk about an unholy triumvirate. The presence of just one at your club would send shivers down the spine of any right thinking football fan. How the hell did we manage to end up with all three?

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"We're Leeds" seems the only explaanation.

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G.K. said:
"We're Leeds" seems the only explaanation.

waited 2 hours to see the goals on sky sports news, they kept showing the same 8 or so matches over and over and then jumped to cricket and some cycling it frustrated the hell out of me. finally got fed up when the signal went because of the wind and rain battering the house.

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It has been claimed by different people that Bates has often rang fans in the past regarding issues concerning fans etc.........well a poster on WACCOE is saying Bates phoned him today and this is an account of the call....

Right ok, this is how it went and bearing in mind the convo was 15 mins long i cannot remember everything that was said....

So, after acquiring the fax number of our friend Ken, I sent Ken a fax at 14:02 this afternoon in the form of a letter trying to reason with him and ask why we found ourself in the current situation. Ken doesn't do emails, hence the fax. At 15:19 pm my phone vibrated and I looked and saw the number was similiar to the fax number I had sent to Monaco an hour earlier. I answered and cheekily said, Good Afternoon Kenneth before he had chance to say who it was.

Ken's response was to ask me to go out of the office as he could hear people talking in the background and he wanted us to have an honest chat so I left work and went and sat in my car, as I was doing so Ken was ordering his missus around, not in a violent way mind, telling her to move some bags. He then told me he had rang me as he found my letter reasonable and not some of the "****ing ****" others have sent him and started advising me about the confidentiality agreement that's in place and why he nor the club could say too much but that it was obvious from that "****ing LUST statement" that the lawyer for the buyers wasn't so good at being confidential. I told him that this was probably because these guys weren't hiding away in Monaco (which Ken tells me has been lovely today cos its a bit cooler) and had people in their face all the time. (I am not aware who LUST source is btw, it was ken that mentioned the buyers lawyer)

At this point KB started to tell me about the negotiations and how people assumed it was a full takeover when it wasn't. (Although i think i did hear him say initially but he didnt expand on that) He advised me that the company involved lost a lot of money, a hell of a lot , in 2010 and how LUFC had made more money than them last year when they had made something like £250,000. I'm sure he then said he was yet to see proof of funds but he went a bit garbled at this point, and when I said his own club statement said that "funds we're not going to be an issue" he said well yes, quite. Kenneth then started reading me the statement LUST put out the other day and how that twat Gary Cooper (BIG to you and me) who was "just an IT officer for Hull city council" was looking for headlines and hadn't got any facts right at all although he contradicted himself by repeating that there was a "sneak" who was obviously leaking info to LUST.

At this point, I asked Ken what his plans were and he said he was not prepared to discuss that with me but that I should be happy that the team have won 4 out of 5 games and that is going along swimmingly. I stopped him and referred him back to his own programme notes for the Wolves game which stated that "Pub rumours" are to blame and he then started saying that ten years ago you could go to the pub and have a conversation with your mates, the ones that had genuine info would be listened too and the others shot down but these days with "Twitter, Facebook, forums and google" people who knew "**** all" were allowed a voice and given credit when they shouldn't be. I told him that rumour was all people had hence why there is a near 5000 page thread on "one site" discussing the matter and that twitter was constantly awash and at that point he started slagging off the gourmet hotdog guy but that he "has his card marked"!!

I again asked what his plans for the club were and he said he wouldn't discuss that with me and then started telling me a story about something to do with Blackburn Rovers from years ago. Suddenly then he came out with a comment that we should be very proud to have a talent like Sam Byram coming through and I stopped him and said "Whilst your still here, if you get a phone call from Norwich about him please tell them to **** off and put the phone down" to which he told me he loved football humour and that, and this is revealing, that he had read on twitter that morning that people wanted Norwich at home so we could play Leeds reserve team and laughed at himself saying that before saying how he loved that type of humour from fans.

So I asked what his username was on Twitter and he told me that he didn't want to talk about that. He then started to tell me he had to go as his other phone was ringing, had been talking for 15 plus minutes, so I said quickly tell me what your going to do about letting someone else have a go and he said "I will speak to you later" then said bye and put the phone down!

So nothing groundbreaking, but he rang me. He didnt tell me anything we didnt really know and wouldnt tell me what his plans were. I wish i could have got more but as he told me he has "been in football for 60 years and nothing suprises him anymore"

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Sounds like the ramblings of a sad senile old man. I almost feel sorry for him......not.

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punk77 said:
Sounds like the ramblings of a sad senile old man. I almost feel sorry for him......not.

Ken or the WACCOE poster?

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Tarquin1970 said:
Ken or the WACCOE poster?

Well I don't know how old the poster is but he sounds genuine so I guess it must be Sir Ken

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Andrew Dillon in today's Sun:

Bates Ken go

KEN BATES looks set to end his controversial reign at Leeds in the next 72 hours.
Islamic Investment bank Gulf Finance House Capital are close to a £50million takeover deal and they will replace chairman Bates with David Haigh.

Team boss Neil Warnock has had discussions with the prospective new owners about transfer funds and their plans to get back into the Premier League.

A source close to the deal told SunSport: “Things are moving quickly. GFH Capital are eager to start rebuilding Leeds United.”


I know, I know, it's the Sun and we all know how credible that rag is but clutching at straws and all that.........

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David Haigh is Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Dubai based GFH Capital Limited.

David is also the manager of GFH Capital's pioneering Injazat Technology Fund, a USD 50 million venture capital fund focusing on Technology Media and Telecommunication investments, the first such fund in the Middle East.

David has worked on over US$5 billion of transactions across MENASA and Europe and has led pioneering transactions in technology, media, telecommunication, financial services, sports and healthcare. He has led teams that created substantial revenue streams within large organisations, built profitable startups and turned organisations around.

David has over 15 years of international experience in investment banking, private equity and venture capital together with specialist experience in legal, regulatory and operational affairs. Prior to joining GFH Capital, David worked in-house at two of the world's largest financial institutions, Barclays Wealth and Bank of New York Mellon. David also practiced law at two of the world's largest international law firms, DLA Piper and Akin Gump and has lived and worked in London, Dubai and the British Virgin Islands.

David holds directorships in several start-ups, leading regional technology companies and Islamic financial institutions. He is the founder and Co-Chairman of Conservatives Abroad Dubai and is the Vice Chairman of Gulf Tories and the founder of the HCU Trust.

David is a business mentor for Seed Start-up, a Dubai based start-up accelerator and seed stage venture capital fund ranked among the Middle East's top 10 startup accelerators.

David is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, a member of the UK Institute of Directors and the International Bar Association.

In 2012 David was recognised for his work by being short-listed for the prestigious "Legal week - General Counsel of the Year Award" at the Corporate Counsel Middle East Awards hosted by Legal Week.

He is a keen Rugby player and Leeds United fan.


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Leeds United, The Club That Cried Takeover

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Phil Hay ‏@PhilHayYEP
I've looked into the Sun's story and from what I've heard there's no expectation of the takeover at #lufc going through in the next 72 hours

Bubbles burst and all that..........
Up and down more times than an umbrella on an Irish summer's day!

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