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Hi all,
My washing machine (Zanussi ZWF12070S) recently decided to stop washing half way through, and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong. When the issue occurs, the Start/Pause button flashes red; if I turn the knob to Off and then to any other program, the machine starts, just to stop again after a while (roughly in the Rinse phase).
Having the laundry soaked in water, I tried to just do the "Rinse", and it stopped; I then tried to just run the "Spin" program, and it worked correctly.

At the moment I checked filters and drain, nothing seems to be blocked. I unplugged it for a bit of time and retried, to no avail. After a bit of research, I managed to find an error code, which should be E11 (button flashes Green once, then Red once). This, in my understanding, could mean "problem filling", but I'm not sure where I should start looking. There's plenty of pressure in the pipes (tested), is there anything else I could do before calling someone to service it?

Thanks for the help.

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its one of the two solenoids -

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Thanks Knighted.
Actually, it was something much simpler: not enough water coming into the washing machine. The issue was that, since our water supply is not very clean, a lot of dirt accumulated in the intake and it was clogging it. A bit of time and patience did the trick, I removed a good spoon of mud and everything works fine.

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knighted_1 said:
its one of the two solenoids -

the intake is the solenoid , it splits into two inside the machine ,so the solenoid was blocked -

E11 = Problems with water fill in wash phase (maximum 10 minutes for each fill phase). Possible causes = 1: Tap closed 2: Mains water pressure insufficient 3: Solenoid valve 4: Hydraulic circuit of pressure switches 5: Pressure switches 6: Wiring 7: Main PCB

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I must have misunderstood, then. So you were right! Thanks for your help.

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