Palytoxin Registered User

Give me patience.

deise_girl Moderator

Lads, I didnt break the tv. All was okay.

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soccymonster Registered User

Have to go to work now Missing the All Ireland hurling semi final.


Not in a good mood at all. Overwhelming feeling of being unwanted and just all round feeling like shit right now to be honest

Bazinga_N Registered User

Seriously considering moving out a this point. Either that, or I swing for her.

soccymonster Registered User

Just called for my off duty for placement this week ('coz I'm in a new ward this week).
And my day off is feckin' tomorrow. Sigh. Just wanted to get the first day out of the way tbh. That's always the worst of it.

Although I'm slightly grateful considering today at work was ridiculously busy and I'm knackered. But sure, what ya gonna do..

Cakes. Moderator

I'm so tired

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The boots I've been stalking on ASOS for aaages have been reduced by 30 euro but they don't have my size. Bah, why did I not get them sooner?

frantic190 Registered User

soccymonster said:
Have to go to work now Missing the All Ireland hurling semi final.

I was drinking with the Kilkenny hurlers earlier, they stayed in the hotel across the road from my house. Sound lads. They all bought 5 bottles each for the hour long journey home.

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Okay, Irish Times, you can post the CAO points now please and thank you!

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Aisling(",) Registered User

I already had tonsillitis this month but now I've got the most painful strep throat ever.its covered in white bits and the doc dosent open till half 11.Im a big crying mess.

Lawliet Moderator

My kitten just jumped out a high 1st storey window on to concrete. He's limping a bit now and otherwise seems fine but god the little bastard gave me a heart attack

bluejay14 Moderator

Seeing everyone on fb and here posting about how delighted they are with their cao offers is making me wish I hadn't done ty...........

But well done everyone all the same

Aisling(",) Registered User

Following my trip to the doctor and the hospital it looks like I've glandular fever.fml.wont know fr certain till Wednesday though.

Luno Registered User

I am very very sick.

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