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I have dark chocolate brown,almost black hair.

I really want to get medium to light brown hair but I can't

So I was thinking of asking my hair dresser to put in loads( a head full) of light brown highlights on top of the dark to make it go brown. Would this work.

I was planning on taking this pic as an example < I think that's how she got her hair brown as it is black in some parts

What does everyone think?

rahor Registered User

Your own hair sounds great by the way! I'm not sure why you can't get it lighter- did you use permanent colour?
I don't think she has meche highlights though as the lighter bits in her hair are quite subtle.
Would you consider an all over permanent haircolour to lighten the case colour and then balayage to brighten it up? I have had both done before and balayage looks way nicer than loads of highlights and the upkeep isn't as bad.


Is the dark brown you currently have now natural or from a colour? If it's natural the hairdresser should be able to lighten it fairly easily to whatever mid-brown you want. If it's from a colourant it'll be a little more difficult.

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