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I need to get one gable of house I am building ( which has a lot of windows ) completed with cement board (max 80mm) and nap rendered.

A. can anyone recommend a suitable product for irish climate and where I can get full cmprehensive details on how to apply myself with help of my plasterer ( who hasnt done it before!!)

B. ALternatively can anyone recommend anyone in midlands supplying the service to nap finish. I have looked for quotes but the lead in time for people to do it is long, and the job is relatively small job maybe 45 m2 so noone seems particularly interested in it

feel free to PM me if you have any advice



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You have several choices:

1. Tegral BluClad, c/w Weber Acrylic Render
2. Tegral DuriPanel, c/w mesh & plaster
3. Durock - Chadwick's stock it (or used to........), c/w plaster
4. Permabase - from National Custom Renders (they did a small extension I know of, lately, so small shouldn't be an obstacle.....)
5. Aquapanel, from Greenspan in Limerick

mmm, that's all I can think of for now.......more, if it comes to me, later.

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cheers thanks for that

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