dandruff_ie Registered User

can anyone help me

after my mother passed away i came into possession of a large amount of coins some collectables irish and english, usa, Canada a lot of other countries

old coin books and more

i need someone to look at them and make a offer

anyone have any ideas

arnhem44 Registered User

Hi dandruff_ ie ,are you looking for the name of a dealer who will make an offer on your coins or are you trying to find someone here to buy them?,if it's the latter then just to make it clear I'm afraid no buying or selling it permitted on this forum.You can however place an advert on www.adverts.ie and link to that advert from here on this thread if that helps.Also the title of your thread shall be edited to keep within the guidelines.Moderator

dandruff_ie Registered User

i am not selling them here and i understand your concern

to make it clear i am only looking for names of dealers in Dublin so i can see them about my coins

hope this clears it up for you

Thank you

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arnhem44 Registered User

No problem thanks for that,there's plenty knowledgeable people on here to point you in the right direction and I'm sure one will be along and able to help.

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