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I am writing a thesis and must use the Harvard referencing style, as per "Cite it Right". I am in UL, I don't know what other Uni's use.

I have microsoft word 2010 and have been trying to add this as a custom referencing style. Anyway, I have tried to figure out how to do this from the net, but it seems too complicated for me.

Can somebody dumb it down a level for me? Is there a file I can download or a text file I can copy which already has it done?


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Rather than using word, I would recommend using endnote. You can download a free trial and its is very useful:


It acts as a plugin for word where you can access a database of all your references and insert citations and a bibliography when you need them. To save to the database you just go to social science citation index or something of the like, search for your article and just click save to endnote.

Makes everything much easier and removes the risk of making mistakes!

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I would ideally like something simpler. Surely someone has already done this for word?

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10kdays said:
Thanks for the suggestion, but I would ideally like something simpler. Surely someone has already done this for word?

Fair enough, I have used the word one before and as you need to manually input each reference it takes much longer and mistakes are really easy to make! Other than that Im not quite sure what your problem is?

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The problem is that I must use a particular referencing style. Word comes preloaded with 5 or 6 but none of these suits. It is possible to make a custom style but I have been unable to succeed and so was hoping somebody was successful and had a text file they could post, or a link to a step by step method.

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You could use this

And then paste the result into Word...

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Overheals first link provides

This page has a zip file with 15ish styles already done, which can be pasted into your C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Bibliography\Style folder. Its simple and effective. (Windows 7, microsoft office 2010. The page gives instructions for office 2007.)

I now have a long list of preloaded styles, of which Harvard - Anglia seems to be the one I need.

Cheers guys.

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I am in the same boat, and have to use the UL Cite it Right referencing, but the Havard-Anglia Style does not output everything I need for Conference Proceedings when I creat the Bibliography section.

Is there any variation of the Havard Style that matches what UL require?

I have already manually typed a huge number of sources into MS Word, can these be transferred to endnote or similar??

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