monkeycmonkeydo Registered User

Im wondering if anyone can advise me on a temporary bubblegum pink hair dye that can be washed out afew days after applying.
Im looking for a colour on the lines of:!/photos/45247/2


the only probelm is im a dark brunette now and due to work, ill only be allowed to have pink hair for a couple of days

Does anyone know where i can get a similar hair colour as in the photos, without having to dye my hair light blonde first or keeping it in for 6 weeks.

Any advice/help would he greatly appreciated.


Larianne Registered User

You are going to have to purchase a wig. There is no way you can dye your brown hair that pink colour without bleaching it first.

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Pythia Registered User

Brown can't change into pink unfortunately. You have to peroxide your hair first which is permanent. The wig is your only option.

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Sarah Bear Registered User

yes yor hair would have to be prelightened first to obtain the vibrancy of the pink colour

babygirlz Registered User

I agree with all the above, there is no way you would get your hair that light without bleach. Sorry

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dazey Registered User

Just bleach the ends and then dye there so when you get sick of it you can chop it off. Or just do a few strips through the hair

Scarlet 27 Registered User

You could try a spray on hair colour which you wash out with shampoo, I have not tried it but had friends who got a bright blue version of it and it turned out well (not sure what brand they used) although you may need to reapply it if you want the colour to last over a few days.

If it is not suitable a wig is probably your best option.

iguana Moderator

Is it for a specific event you want it for? If so you could try a coloured hairspray or gel like ColourFX or Stargazer. You just spray or smooth them in and they go on like a layer over your hair. They generally work pretty well on dark hair but they don't last any longer than a day as they get sticky and you'll need to wash them out the next morning at the latest. You can get them online, or in most Superdrug, Boots or Claires stores. A lot of other accessory or "goth" type shops also have them.

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