Nuri Sahin Banned

edit it in due course.

Deadline for new people joining the league is the last matchday in Sept. PM me asking to join as currently I've disabled new players joining, I'll pass on the code then.


Leaderboard after Matchday 2 -

Mr. Rager Registered User

Anyone who can't login to the real site, try making your transfers on Worked for me

Kells... Registered User

Still down .

Magill Registered User

Aye, haven't beenable to log in for a few days. Sucks since i think i've an injured player and my best players as subs.

Kells... Registered User

The deadline should be made extended.

iMuse Registered User

Im Flapianski FC defending champ If I don't win this year im blaming the site been down

Kells... Registered User

When is the deadline for Joining A league?

iMuse Registered User

TroutFisher said:
When is the deadline for Joining A league?

You can join at any time, not sure if your score before you join counts or not though

PerrinV2 Moderator

iMuse said:
Im Flapianski FC defending champ

Enjoy it while it lasts,I won't collapse like I did last year..............probably will though

Nuri Sahin Banned

My team is set

PerrinV2 Moderator

20 points on my bench today,almost twice what my teamed earned....crap

Kells... Registered User

I have 26 point's atm.

FYG Registered User

I only have 19. I would have had 25 if I didn't leave Suarez and Enrique on the bench by accident.

Still have six players to play though.

Kells... Registered User

35 Point's atm.

Balfie Registered User

33 points. Like a boss. should have put Davies as my captain, not that liverpool Jackass Andy Carroll

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