RunningShovel Registered User

Hey all, found four old Nintendo VIP leaflets when I was clearing out my room. Seeing as I don't own any Nintendo consoles any more, I've no interest in them. If you want them, post here and I'll PM you the codes.

Codes gone, first come first served, sorry folks!



Edit: They're from Zelda TP, Wii Sports, New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 64 DS, if that makes any difference. I assume you can't add the same game twice?

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Wolverine359 Registered User

I'd take them, please!

gubbie Registered User

Out of interest, what are they for? I have a few new games with them and a few old ones with them already used up but never bothered. Are they worth it?

Wolverine359 Registered User

Thanks @RunningShovel!

@gubbie They're used to register games on the club-nintendo website to earn stars, which can be redeemed against various items from their online catalogue, e.g. DS accessories, Wii points, toys, etc. You need to buy alot of games to get anything decent though! If you don't think you'll be needing them, I'll gladly take them off your hands.

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