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I am sick of all the usual porn sites such as youjizz, keez, pornhub, tube8 etc etc. I have to spend about 45 minutes sometimes looking for a suitable video. Is it just me are all the videos out there ****e. The old imagination is better. Is there anything worse than thinking youve found a nice hot chick having sex then she gets on all fours and has a tatoo. Yuck. I can't wank looking at chicks with tatooes. It just reminds me of reptiles or something.

So lads. The question is. With all the porn out there. Is most of it **** and full of snakes and other reptiles?

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Bipolar Joe Registered User

I only whack one off to photographs of pretty ladies in various poses either clothed or in the nuddy. Porn videos are crapola.


You're doing it wrong.

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Micky Dolenz Registered User

You're immune to porn. Some dose.


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