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IrishVapers have the Lavatube in stock now so it looks as though you may have yours tomorrow, certainly Thursday at the latest...

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right just checked everything. everything perfect except they gave me vanilla flavouring instead of vanilla 10ml 11mg. not a problem. god.. so many juices
i want to try them all right now

You'll be blowing bacon smoke rings with your Lavatube over Christmas. My Health Cabin order arrived today, too. 10 packs of CE3's, a few bottles of juice and various odds and ends. There was also a silk purse in the package...maybe that was the "personal gift" worth $20 that was declared on the customs form.


haha yeah forgot the little purse
trying to find a use for it atm
maybe store some of the surplus bottles of juice

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Might do as a Christmas pressie at the last minute for someone you forgot


actually i think that's exactly what ill do with it


lavatube shipped \o/
tomorrow, tomorrow.. I love you tomorrow.. you're only a day away!

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Busy day for you Sir DCC
Let us know how ya get on with your Lavatube not that i need to ask

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Opit said:

Now battery life - same battery in ProVari gives me about half day of vaping (bit longer) where Lava works for almost two full days!! Lava wins!

er.... there is a chance that Lava dropping voltage under load more dramatically than Provari does...
Could u run simple test? Get a same battery for provari and lava , set same voltage on both and check this voltage with the meter under load ?


anyone noticed the talk about the lavatube batteries stateside?

apparently people buying from volcano ecig are being given li-on batteries instead of li-mn? i think volcanos supplier said they were a certain battery (aw branded limn batts) and then people who received them figured out they actually weren't.

i know absolutely nothing about batteries but the words explosion and time-bomb are being thrown around.

right, after reading the thread on the volcano forums

apparently the batteries volcano were selling were unprotected lithium ion batteries, they are offering full refunds to any of their customers and are sourcing the batteries they had intended them to be

Postby Magma Mike » Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:01 pm
Hello again everyone,

Sorry for not getting in here and giving everyone the update sooner. I have read entirely through this thread and will do my best to address everyone's concerns in a thorough, honest and transparent manner.

As you might imagine we've been working diligently to get a straight answer from our supplier for quite some time now and unfortunately it looks like we're not going to. We've questioned everyone we could all the way up to the owner of the company and have been given the run around as well as three different answers when it comes to what these batteries actually are. I assume the same thing has happened with them because they are sourcing the batteries from another supplier as well. We were initially told they were 100% AW batts and requested info and photos before ever having the order shipped to us. But just as easily as these counterfeits were made, we were duped into thinking we were getting one thing when in fact we were not. Luckily, we've been informed via the owner of AW, that they were in fact not genuine. (For those of you paying attention, i now have the AW owners contact info :thumbup: )

As for the batts, it looks at best, that they are high energy, unprotected lithium Ion. We were initially told Sanyo cells when we started investigating and then were provided with documentation of a Samsung ICR18650-26F and Sony US18650GR upon "further review". So where does that leave us? With an unknown batt, exactly what our supplier was probably hoping for us. At either rate, it seems as if they either don't know or dont want to tell us. Totally unacceptable.

Well rather than waste more time trying to get a straight answer, we've decided to take another route. We are returning our entire batch of batteries to China. I have been in touch with the owner of AW and will be placing a hefty order from him for the genuine AW IMR High Drain 18650's, which were supposed to be the original batt for the LT. When we first started working out the details of our kit, our supplier assured us they could get a better rate than we could if we went to AW alone. As it is a china supplier-to-china supplier purchase. This made perfect sense and we demanded to see proof that we were getting the genuine product. They provided sales receipts and pictures which in the long run were all counterfeit as well.

Our manufacturer argues that using our current batts in the LT is perfectly fine as the LT acts as a protection circuit because it limits the amount of power/amperage that an atomizer would try to pull from the battery. This limiting is evidenced when trying to use a low resistance atomizer at a high voltage setting. If you put a 1.5 ohm atomizer on the LT and set it to 6 volts, the lavatubes circutry will reduce the voltage to a setting limiting the amperage draw below 2.5 amps or any safer setting. This is basically the same thing that a protected lithium ion batts circuitry does with a few exceptions. Also there is a vent hole that would prevent a catastrophic explosion. However, we feel that it's always better to err on the side of caution, and will opt for a safe chemistry LiMN battery instead.

I have a large personal supply of the AW 18650 High Drain nipple top batts that I have bought over the years and have tested these in my LT from the inception and as reported by many other users here, have had zero problems with fit or function. these are the batts we are going to purchase and furnish with any and all future LT sales.

As of now, we have removed the current batts for sale from the site and will only be offering the LT as a device only option until we can get the batts replaced. As for those of you who have the current batts, we will be offering a full replacement with a genuine AW battery, free of charge. You can create a ticket with our CS department and we will send you a prepaid label for return to us. We will then send you a replacement to you on any and all batts that you purchased from us. We do not have the replacements on hand right now as we obviously will have to wait for our order to be fulfilled, however, if you want to start the process now, please feel free to do so.

We sincerely apologize for this issue and I assure you, no one is more embarrassed or enraged about this than I am. We work very hard to make sure that anything we sell is of the best quality and then stand behind our product after it is brought to you, the customer. A lesson has certainly been learned and we will do our best to make this right by everyone. We take our reputation very seriously and hope that our actions in the face of this issue, shows you what kind of company we are. Please take it easy on our forum and customer service staff as they were doing the best they could to address everyone's concerns in a timely manner with the information that we had at the time. We will continue to update everyone as we get more information about the AW batts and my door is always open. Mahalo and have a great day...

so.. I dunno
might just buy some batteries online to be safe
i doubt the lavatube will explode on me until they get here. I hope not anyway, but if they do.. chicks dig scars.


apparently the lavatube has circuits in it to prevent over discharge.. so i guess using a good quality charger will prevent overcharging, which seems to be the main issues with unprotected lion batteries

still.. not a good thing to be using if th elavatube circuits or your charger malfunction.
either way, immediate panic gone I guess just be prudent to get some proper imr batteries if you weren't lucky enough to get them with your order.

actually I dont even have a clue if this is an issue for european customers.

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The AW's that came with the American Lavatube were flat tops and AW don't make flat tops. Hopefully the batteries we're getting will have the nipple on them.

The Lavatube is supposed to drop to 5.75 when set to 6 volts and loaded - voltage tests in this review;

I can live with a difference of .25 especially when it comes to vaping at 6 volts - most eliquids taste like burning tyres at this voltage anyway.

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ah yeah, that'd be one easy way to find out alright

mine is on the way to me now anyway, so i'll know in a couple of hours and will shout here

read last night it can take 5-6 hours to charge 1600mah batteries! my god the wait will kill me


ok, lavatube just arrived
first impressions.. omg.. love

secondly the batteries are flat tops, so it looks like they're not genuine AW after all
I emailed irishvapers earlier this morning to let them know about the possibility, I'll fire off another email now to confirm

it seems to be safe enough if you're careful with them. I've been reading some things about the trustfire chargers overcharging ever so slightly, which can be tricky with unprotected lion batteries. so just dont leave it charging over night, and check it regularly with a meter or in your lavatube (click the red button seven times and it will show the current level of the battery)

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I've been using 18650 flat tops for ages now and charging them with a Trustfire and never had a problem. Still, I always charge them when I'm in the house just in case and never overnight. Used them in Lavatube too, no problems. Any battery I have with a nipple won't fit the LT and the flat tops won't work in a Provari unless you use a magnetic spacer which I think isn't recommended...anyone know more on this?

By the way, if you press the red button on the LT 7 times you can check your battery voltage.


aye, its probably safe if you use them properly

i just dont trust myself not to blow something up so I ordered 2 of these

theyre the batteries that were supposed to come with the kit and according to the volcano people they do fit in the LT. shipping was only 4 sterling or something and there's an 8% off coupon "CPF" if anyone else is as much of a 'fraidy cat as me.

could even be cheaper places online, but they ship same day and I wanted them asap.

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