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My flight arrives in Dublin Airport at quarter to 6 in the evening. I need to catch a bus at quarter past 6. Is there enough time to do so? How far is the City link/Go bus bus stop from the airport? Would I have a better chance if I didnt check in luggage?

Please help and thanks in advance!

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If you need to catch the bus at 6.15pm from the airport that should be loads of time, as long as there are no delays with your flight. Difinately dont check in any luggage.

But you might have a delays with passport control, if a number of flights land at the same time - i would suggest running

The bus stops are right outside the door in arrivals

but if you have to go into the city to catch your bus, you havent a hope

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Thank you!!!

I think I can get away without checking in luggage so there's hope!

Yeah I'm getting the bus from the airport so I was just wondering where it was.

Thanks again for your help!


I assume you're going to Galway? Citylink goes from the airport, then into town, then on to Galway. Have a look at their website and it'll show you!

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