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It might seem like I'm spamming the forum, but I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to peoples projects. Whether it be for advice, to show it off or simply where to start.

I have a project in mind, but it's of the Electronics and Computer building area. I'm hoping to build a set top box for digital TV. A quick run down of what I'd like to use is:

  • Suitable Linux OS or Windows 7 if all else fails.
  • Mini Case and Mini ITX
  • External Power supply to keep size to an absolute minimum.
  • 500GB/1TB harddrive (For recording)
  • Suitable card, TV tuner
  • Possible remote control, IR technology (Would prefer not have to keep getting up off the couch the whole time)
So does anyone else have projects in mind or need help?

Private Snafu Registered User

I've a smallish project I'm looking into, but need some help sourcing a couple of servos. I'd ideally like to pick them up locally (but not for extortionate amounts), anyone any ideas? Cheers

L.Jenkins Let's Do This!!!

What kind of project are you working on or have in mind?

Edit: This link may be of use.


Private Snafu Registered User

Sorry, I should have been more specific, im ideally looking for RC Servos

As for the project, it's a small automation project. It'll be my first project of this kind so I'm starting of small

L.Jenkins Let's Do This!!!

Here, had a quick browse and this might help.


Sputnik Registered User

Suitable Linux OS or Windows 7 if all else fails.

Myth TV is supposed to be good, albeit complicated.

L.Jenkins Let's Do This!!!

Yeah I was informed of that option I'll try out a few if that doesn't work. Want to keep it as cheap and cheer full as possible.

qubix Registered User

Have a looksy here for parts. http://robots.ie/resources/where-to-buy-parts

I usually get R/C servos off ebay, you can buy them in model shops but generally quite expensive.

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